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Doc’s Streaming Webcams

Here are Doc’s Streaming Webcams broadcasting live from my little ole tin can in Sunny Clearwater Florida 😎

Doc’s Streaming Webcam Live From Clearwater Florida USA

This video broadcast software WebcamXP supports IP cameras too. And has it’s own web-server running on port 86 that you have to open up on your router to access it from outside your local network. If port 86 is unavailable you can easily define another port.

It’s great for keeping an eye on your home or business from anywhere by turning your computer into a security system and easily view-able by using other computers or your smartphone.

You can also use WebcamXP to broadcast live video to your website, to schedule automatic captures or recordings or to schedule specific actions using the motion detector. Click here for a few screen shots.

This cam software also supports uploading snapshots via ftp to a personal page or website at timed intervals, as well as audio streaming that i have turned off on my installation. The software installation was a breeze.

This is a budget Microsoft HD personal webcam. It’s pointing to the West on tin can paradise road. These mobiles are old but well maintained. Budget living in Florida.. 😉

Live Stream

This is my Sysop / Webmaster Cam. It’s a cheapie TekNet USB C015. If it’s on I’m probably here. Curious what that orange car is on top of my computer? It’s a 1963 Chrysler Jet Turbine. Check it out in Jay Leno’s YouTube Garage. What an awesome engineering feat from old Detroit’s past!

Live Stream

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