Doc’s FidoSysop Archive

Welcome to Doc’s FidoSysop Archive and Doc’s Place Fidonet BBS online since 1991 my tiny little piece of cyberspace. I’m an MS-DOS days Fidonet network computer bulletin board system operator turned pro-webmaster and blogger, hanging out online and keeping up with what’s going on in the world today!

Doc's FidoSysop Archive

This website contains a large archive of Doc’s adventures from the early computer BBS days dialing up with a 1200 baud modem to today’s online cyberspace adventures. True online communities started in the mid-80s with computer bulletin board systems long before the net was opened up to the public, but most of those communities have vanished. We used to advertise each other’s bbs names on our logoff screens back in the early days of building our communities. At one time, there were 126 nodes in the 727 area code, and each was a unique community. Some offered games, others offered shareware files.

Doc's FidoSysop Archive

Doc’s Place BBS specialized in messages and featured the full Fidonet backboard conferences that were at one time well over 1000 areas. Doc also offered QWK offline message reading/replying feature. At its peak doc’s place, bbs was the number 4 bbs in the 727 area code. The BBS tradition is still operational 31 years later , but is not mobile-friendly nor offers encryption. The Internet is dominated by big corporate conglomerates and today’s social media websites which dictate what’s allowed to be shared with friends and family. Small independent publishers like Doc are few and far between these days. 😥

The sysops view of Doc’s Place BBS Wildcat Version-5. Platinum Express FTSC mail scanner/tosser, on the left. Wildcat Online Controller to the right. BAP-Stats that creates both HTML and Telnet who called today and who called yesterday display screens. It’s sitting on my home network running an old Dell Optiplex under Windows 7 that rarely needs a reboot. The most advanced BBS software ever produced!

Doc's Place BBS Sysop Desktop View
Doc’s Place BBS Desktop Sysop Computer View. Click Here for a full-size easier-to-see image. Opens in a new browser window.

My style of blogging articles is somewhat unique. I gather related article subject material, including videos, images, documents, and text snippets from the web, and properly credit the sources. This method creates a full story with credible follow and no-follow links to other article-specific information creating a package of highly credible information in one place. The drawback to my political articles is that big tech and social media tyrants hate Donald Trump and republicans as a whole. Most online content is manipulated! 😡

FidoSysop Archive Doc and Rocky
My assistant webmaster Rocky and I hang out in cyberspace during the early pandemic keeping up with what’s going on.

Doc’s FidoSysop Archive and BBS reflect my personal opinion. I simply tell it just like I see it, with no beating around the bush or sugar-coating applied. It does not run ads or otherwise attempt to generate revenue. Sourced content (snippets, images, videos, etc) is used within the doctrine of fair use rights!

Need net help? Call the good doctor!