AKA FidoSysop Landing Page!

The last 90 days have been the most stressful in my 71 years on God’s good earth. Considering this domain has had many websites and subdomains, many that had redirects and the known fact that is shadowbanned by big tech, without further fancy adieu and more words than are really necessary. This is a landing page for Doc’s other websites that have been split up to individual domains.

Doc’s FidoSysop blog has moved to

Doc’s Political Archive is at

And Deborah Williams Griswold, the rotten cold-hearted witch who illegally tossed the Good Internet Doctor out of her house and life like a sack of garbage into her dumpster. AND whose son-in-law Anthony Torres sold all my belongings while I was in rehab for a fall that should have killed me, but God decided it was not my time to go and gave me a new better life! 😎

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