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Doc’s Place Fidonet BBS is gone forever. It started with my last relationship going northwest. Guess despite considering my age and good street-smart skills, I didn’t figure Deborah Griswold out in time. Or as an old used car dealer buddy used to say, the road to nookie is lined with danger! Ole Joe “the mayor” Perrin is now up in used car dealer heaven 🙏🏼 laughing his ass off at me! That’s my life story! 😟

Doc 52FLC
Here I am at age 8 I believe emitting on my Uncle Bill’s new Massey Ferguson tractor in Wildwood Florida

This is a personal website that offers opinions on many subjects. One is politics. I’m 72 years old and remember Detroit building the finest cars in the world. Back a few years ago, I watched the funeral of the North Korean dictator, with pudgy Kim Jong-un running alongside the hearse. As it came into view, I was saying, wow, a 1975 Lincoln Continental! North Korea could have a Mercedes-Benz or other high-line vehicle but chose this Hand Built in Detroit MI 4-ton Lincoln Continental Town Car! 🇺🇸

This domain which was the BBS access point was registered in 1998. An original Floridian is often called a Cracker, and Florida is a Cracker State. I’ve got many cracker stories to tell. One I recently published is about James Earl ‘Doc’ Webb, who founded Webb’s City and made St Petersburg, FL, world-famous in the 50s-’60s!

I am battling a particular but non-life-threatening health issue. Last May my church was having a blood drive, so after the service I tried donating my blood but fell out of the bloodmobile hitting hard on my left side. But soon afterward I was unable to walk without falling. For 8 months I had rehab but was still falling. Recently I was diagnosed with nerve damage by an EMG test. But otherwise, I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds and feel great. Life goes on and around. I’m 72 years old and hope to make it to 100! Or as Ronald Reagen once said, If you’ve got your health you’ve got everything! 🙏

On the political situation in America. I’m keeping up with everything that’s going on, and I do not like what I’m seeing. Whatever happened to law and order? Seems like our Constitution has been thrown out. The Democrats are using political persecution to go after the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. Democrats know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so they are using our three-letter law enforcement agencies to stop Trump, which so far has not even slowed him down. That BS $350M NY fine is not valid. Nobody lost any money the lending institutions that gave him the loans called him a “Whale” meaning they wanted to do more business with Mr. Trump.

American Pride is what Detroit was all about back then. Skilled automobile assembly line workers were turning wrenches and building the finest cars in the world. Bill ‘Bubba’ Clinton’s NAFTA did a number on “Made In America” as the Japanese were observing the crap Detroit was building, mainly by GM, and built better cars that US buyers loved. General Motors had a small emblem on its cars that said, GM the mark of excellence. In the car business, we called the mark of crap! Here’s what’s left of the once proud Motor City. Nothing but Slums! And GM is still the mark of crap!😢

Love America? 🇺🇸 Defend Her! 📣