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From 1991 Into 2016 Doc’s Place BBS has provided a home for Fidonet Network Bulletin Board System Callers. Our dial up lines are long gone but were still online via telnet and the www.

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We System Operator’s (SysOp’s) as it was called back in the old Disk Operating System (DOS) days were the early online communication pioneers of that era.

Using personal computers and dial up modems we relayed early Electronic Mail (Echomail) worldwide via the Fidonet Network, that still exists today and is quite active.

An archive of Fidonet Echomail messages dating back to 2002 is being maintained by Andrew Clarke. This is an excellent source of Fidonet history if anyone’s interested.

This blog and web forum is a treasure trove of early Fidonet history. Have a look around using our navigation menu above, or try our custom Google search engine.