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Welcome to DocCyber’s Observations Blog. I’m a Florida-born U.S. Citizen from the early ’50s. Over the years I’ve seen my country falling apart. I’ve seen politicians sell America out. It seemed America was a goner as businesses moved overseas where labor was cheap. Skilled American workers lost their jobs setting in motion foreclosures and vehicle repossessions when they couldn’t support their families. It seemed nobody cared about these unemployed American workers!

But in 2015 a non-politician American businessman stepped forward promising to Make America Great Again. His name was Donald J. Trump. From the moment he came down the escalator at Trump Tower announcing his campaign he was attacked by the media and censored by social media. When Donald Trump won big in 2016 it shocked big-tech gatekeepers headed by Google who altered their search algorithm to bury positive Trump content and prioritize the negative!

president Donald Trump visits his troops in Afghanistan Thanksgiving 2019
President Donald Trump visits his troops on Thanksgiving 2019 with a surprise visit to Afghanistan. He set up big media by tweeting he would be golfing but instead slid off to Afghanistan in Air Force One. The media made asses of themselves as expected.

Donald Trump kept his word and made Americans proud again! Lower corporate taxes enticed corporations to move back to America, which was respected worldwide. Then came Covid-19 that forced businesses to close, and employees were laid off. Personally, I believe that politics was behind the Wohan lab leak. Donald Trump was taking a big bite out of China’s economy. They had to halt Trump’s roaring economy and prevent him from winning another term. The rest is history.

Destroying their credibility even further, the White House is trying to spin one of the most embarrassing screw-ups in American history as a massive success story!

Surrenderer-In-Chief: Joe Biden lied to America and to the World when he told us “America was back” Instead, he surrendered to the Taliban, and left Americans behind to die in Afghanistan. It’s time to KNOW the TRUTH!

Sadly the cold hard truth about Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Apple is they have the social-media market covered. They are the gatekeepers of the Internet and are hiding pro-Donald Trump and other Republican and Conservative material. It’s also a crying shame Donald Trump’s Facebook account will remain suspended until 3023. Facebook is full of crap that Donald will stir insurrection, those of us who follow what’s going on know the capital riot was a Democrat setup AKA Trump Trap. The fact is big tech is afraid Donald Trump will influence people to vote Republican in the midterm 2022 elections. That’s why his Facebook suspension runs until 2023!

This website is my opinion on many subjects, though mostly politics, as I see them from the right side of all things political. It is funded by DocCyber and does not attempt to generate revenue. Big tech has buried my thoughts in their search engine index. Facebook has restricted my account and put me in their most dangerous organizations and person database. This website is online for the people. Please help get the truth to others by commenting, and sharing this conservative resource with your friends! 😉

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