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From 1991 Into 2016 Doc’s Place BBS has provided a home for Fidonet Network Bulletin Board System Callers. Our dial up lines are long gone but were still online via telnet and the www.

Dial Up BBS Modem

Early 2400 baud internal modem. Click to connect to our bbs.

We System Operator’s (SysOp’s) as it was called back in the old Disk Operating System (DOS) days were early online pioneers of the era.

Using personal computers and dial up modems we relayed early Electronic Mail (Echomail) worldwide via the Fidonet Network, that still exists today.

An excellent resource of Fidonet Echomail messages dating back to 2002 is being maintained by Andrew Clarke.

This website is a treasure trove of early communications history. Have a look around using our navigation menu above, or try our custom search engine.

Newer operating systems (OS) and web browsers are make bbsing a challenge in 2016. But despite the challenges many faithful old time callers still exist today.

The good old days are gone forever, as the internet has pretty much taken over. Facebook has totally trashed everyone’s privacy, under the guise of “lets all be friends” as every post, photo, etc, is funneled straight to the NSA. Facebook has made lots of once thriving forums obsolete in the sense folks would rather hang out on Facebook, though many niche forums still do quite well.

Doc’s Place is sort of like an old gas station on Route 66. Not many folks pass by in a days time. Sometimes a straggler or two will stop looking for information, etc. Doc’s Place Online is just what it is, nothing less and nothing more. If your a site visitor be sure to say hello while your here 😉

These days Doc is just hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech. He publishes tech help, and other articles of possible interest. And is an expert tweaking & modding WordPress. Need internet webmaster help? Ask!