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Welcome to Doc’s FidoSysop Web Archive, my tiny little piece of cyberspace. I’m an MS-DOS days Fidonet network computer bulletin board system (BBS) operator turned pro-webmaster and blogger, hanging out online and keeping up with tech and what’s going on in my American homeland today! 😥

This website’s political articles and media have moved to the MagaArchives domain . DocsPlace started off as a front end for Doc’s Fidonet BBS in 1998 when it was upgraded permitting net access via www and telnet. That old BBS is still online today after 31 years of faithfully providing the Fidonet community with echomail and netmail, which still gets a few callers daily. A tribute to the good old days online!

It’s really quite simple. I’m a 70-year-old original Floridian born in St. Petersburg commonly referred to as a Florida Cracker. I like my American homeland as it was when Donald Trump was president. America was energy Independent and our economy was soaring like an eagle after four years under Donald Trump. It’s my opinion that COVID-19 was cooked up between House Democrats and China. They knew that there would be no stopping Trump for a second term. I believe they needed disruption to rig the election and covid served the purpose with mail-in ballots. The rest is a crying shame. MAGA Republicans are NOT Violent. Reminds me of Adolph Hitler’s WW2 playbook, blame our enemies for what we are doing!

Thinking was more relevant for the MAGA content the move is complete. DocsPlace is shadowbanned and blocked by big tech and social media. Google has its content indexed but buried many pages deep in its SERPs. They will probably shadowban and block this new domain as well. But, if we turn the Midterms bright RED in November it will prove the MAGA Movement is alive and well.

I’m not putting a 301 redirect to except for the category archives. Time will tell if it gets indexed. The new domain is directly relevant to the MAGA content of the website. To explore click this link . Either browse the categories directly or use the search feature on the right header. In all, there are 877 political-related posts since Donald Trump announced his presidency!

Need net help? Call the good doctor!