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Welcome To My Tiny Little Piece Of Cyberspace

Doc & Doc's Place BBS in 2000

Doc’s Place BBS In 2000 running Windows NT4

I keep up with Tech so you don’t have to :wink:

I’m a retired car dealer and internet seo and social media marketing specialist, helping auto dealers sell more cars!

As a hobbyist i started Doc’s Place computer bulletin board system (BBS) that is the longest running Wildcat system of it’s kind in the USA!

That old BBS still exists today after 24 years of providing Free Fidonet Messaging Service to the public. Though the dial-up lines have been gone since around 1998. Check it out here.

Being a SysOp (System Operator) as it was called back in the old bbs dos (Disk Operating System) days was a great way to learn about computers and communicating online. Plus i have met a lot of nice people worldwide through the BBS. Whatever happened to the good old days??

I was born and raised in downtown St Petersburg Fla over 60 years ago, and now reside in the Clearwater area. Original Floridians are often called Crackers and that pretty much sums me up.

I’m currently disabled and was forcefully retired from the car business after better than 40 years by a physical injury. But since then have turned into the best internet geek online specializing in car dealer internet help.

Never being bashful I often shoot from the hip and say just what is on my mind without sugar-coating it. One thing i don’t do is lie or beat around the bush about anything or anyone. I also have a very outgoing personality and occasionally use a few colorful metaphors to describe something or someone.

Doc's Place BBS Sysops Node View

Doc’s Place BBS Sysops View running Windows 2000 Pro.

Being a former auto dealer turned internet guru i specialize in car dealer seo and social media marketing. When not working on a client’s project i hang out on the net keeping up with tech.

Keeping up with tech is the most important thing a webmaster can do these days. Technology is changing so fast keeping up is imperative.

Auto Dealer Internet Services. Before becoming disabled I spent 40 years in the used car business. Mostly i bought older units that needed mechanical work and fixed them up. I was always a great mechanic too.

Unfortunately for me a fractured hip physically prevented me from making the local auctions and put a stop to that business. But the bright side to that is, add those years of car business skills to being a good Internet Webmaster and Social Media Specialist it’s an unbeatable combination.

Tech is evolving so fast it’s an absolute must to keep up! Otherwise your online presence will be lost forever in cyberspace! HTTPS / TLS Encryption is now affordable and even FREE with CloudFlare DNS Services.

Social media is the best method to score additional leads. When you add a new car to your inventory, be sure to send it to your social profiles immediately. You should be using Twitter, Facebook business page, LinkedIn business profile, and a Google Plus / Maps business page, to score those extra leads you are currently missing out on!

Mobile web traffic exceeds desktop usage

Google Analytics: Mobile web traffic exceeds desktop usage

Mobile compatibility is an absolute must if you want to compete with today’s SmartPhone and Tablet shoppers. Is your website mobile compatible? Check it right now with Google’s mobile friendly testing tool. If you’re running WordPress becoming mobile compatible is as easy as a theme change.

Structured Data which is known as Rich Text Hyper Markup tells Google more about your web pages to enhance your page rank. Check your present website here with Google’s Free Structured Data Testing Tool.

I am also an expert on SEO (search engine optimization.) The best websites in the world are totally worthless if nobody can find them. Let me tweak your existing website’s meta tags for the best seo targeting of your business location.

Let a professional help with your internet needs. I’m quickly able to perform most internet webmaster seo and social media tasks. Contact me for a free quote. :wink:

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Retired Auto Dealer and old DOS days Fidonet Bulletin Board System Operator (BBS SysOp) of Doc's Place BBS Online (1:123/140.) Still online and taking calls daily since 1991!

Currently just hanging out in cyberspace. Helping car dealers sell more cars online by keeping up with tech! Please follow me while you're here. I also perform various internet webmaster tasks. Specializing in SEO and Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers.

Keeping Up With Tech - So You Don't Have To! Need Help? Ask Me First!