MURDER In Mayor Andrew Gillum’s Tallahassee FL

Today the word is spreading of yet another Murder in Mayor Andrew Gillum’s crime ridden city Tallahassee Florida. Of course major media like CNN and MSNBC will probably sideline last nights Tallahassee homicide. The cold hard truth is mainstream media IS NOT Reporting Andrew Gillum’s FBI Corruption Investigation and other “Real News” to Floridians, in an attempt to manipulate Tuesdays midterm election. 😡

Tallahassee HotYoga Murder
Bodies lay covered up with sheets as police stand guard in mayor Gillum’s Tallahassee FL hot yoga studio shootings

From : Police say a second person has died at the hands of a shooter who opened fire inside a Tallahassee Florida yoga studio on Friday before killing himself.

Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo told reporters Friday night that the gunman shot six people and pistol-whipped one other person before fatally shooting himself. The conditions of the other victims are unclear.

The death toll from the shooting inside a small Tallahassee shopping center now stands at three, including the suspect. Authorities have not identified the shooter or the victims.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, called the head of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to get details of the shooting. “I will remain in constant communication with law enforcement.

Fellow Floridians.. The choice to lead our sunny state in paradise is clear. Mayor Gillum has led Tallahassee into the pits! There’s no way we’re gonna let him turn our WHOLE State into a crime ridden hellhole like he’s done to Tallahassee!

Lets make our votes count come Tuesday by voting Ron DeSantis! 😉

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