Full Video: Trump Rally Chattanooga TN 11/04/18 at McKenzie Arena

President Trump Rallied in Chattanooga TN on Sunday for Republican Marsha Blackburn for the U.S. Senate in TN. This rally was the presidents 2nd after visiting Macon Georgia earlier. As Donald Trump has been saying, this is a very important election. As of this blog post, Tomorrow 11/06/18 is midterm elections day. To keep America Great Vote Republican. We can’t GO BACK to the Dark Obama Days! 😉

There was a long line of people who were waiting for the doors to open. The line began forming on Saturday with the first group of people arriving at noon.

President Trump mentions, Georgia is a slightly competitive state, but we still have a long way to go. That’s why we need to get Marsha Blackburn into the Senate. Our opponents are stuck in the past while we are going into America’s great future.

Anybody who mistreats our veterans, you’re fired! Get out. Everyday it’s promises made and promises kept. In two years there haven’t been a better administration.

Marsha Blackburn took the podium and said, I think TN wants a US senator who is going to exactly what she says she’s going to do when she goes to Washington D.C. If my opponent has his way Hillary Clinton would be President. The crowd chants “lock her up.”

Some arguments are breaking out between Trump supporters and protesters. Police are standing in the middle to keep everyone safe.

VP Mike Pence took the podium and said, THANK YOU TENNESSEE! What a great crowd to see Donald Trump and support Marsha Blackburn for Senate. She needs your support. Also amazing to hear Lee Greenwood perform “God Bless the USA” to a packed house. 🙂

Trump Rally Chattanooga TN
Attendees line up long before last nights Make America Great Again rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Team Trump is helping President Donald Trump Keep America Great in 2018! DNC Defectors are Welcome. Dems Just Vote Republican for your Trump Train Ticket! 😎

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