Broward County FL The Epicenter Of Election Fraud

Just as I predicted shortly before this years midterm election, Broward County and Brenda Snipes are in the spotlight again. Florida went through an absentee ballot scandal in 2016. Broward election workers were caught filling in ballots in an unsupervised back office. Here it is 2018 and allegations of more election wrongdoings once again has the whole country staring at Florida 🙁

From : When Brenda Snipes took over Broward Supervisor of Elections office in 2003, she had many years of administrative experience who would steady an office that was reeling from what Gov. Jeb Bush called “incompetence” and “misfeasance.”

Broward County Elections Banana Republic Allegations
Angry protestors outside Broward elections supervisors office chant Brenda Snipes must go. Large box trucks blocked access to election headquarters.

On Friday, following a court agreeing with a lawsuit brought by Gov. Rick Scott that Snipes had violated public records laws, she found herself the target of similar calls for her removal from office, and for the same reasons.

During the 2016 FL election scandal i blogged this post about Broward County / Brenda Snipes corruption. @JackPosobiec posted many tweets on the scandal. One was a video saying the Trump campaign was filing a lawsuit against Broward County elections officials. I had embedded 4 of his tweets including the video, that were still active in early October 2018.  Soon thereafter someone deleted the below tweets.

Jack Posobiec Deleted Snipes Tweets
Mystery surrounding who deleted these Jack Posobiec tweets about Brenda Snipes Broward Election Fraud?

Why isn’t Brenda Snipes in Prison? She deleted paper ballots from Debbie Wasserman Schultz contested election. She destroyed evidence but is still Broward supervisor!

From : President Donald Trump announced Thursday night that law enforcement was investigating possible election fraud in Florida after Gov. Rick Scott appeared to win his midterm senate race.

“Law Enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with Election Fraud in #Broward and Palm Beach,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Florida voted for Rick Scott!”

Mysteriously, thousands of additional votes from Broward County continue to be tallied by an elections official who allegedly has a history of mishandling election ballots. 😡

Broward County Extra Democrat Votes
Image depicting a warehouse in Broward County FL supply of emergency Democrat Votes. Note that Gillum button.

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