Laura Loomer Protest Handcuffs Self To Twitter HQ Door

In protest of being permanently banned by Twitter, Conservative Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter HQ office door in NYC! 💡

FidoSysop blogged this post during Florida’s gubernatorial election. Laura Loomer a Jewish conservative Journalist was attending an Andrew Gillum event at Temple Kol Ami Synagogue in Plantation FL. Loomer was minding her own business waiting for the event to start. All of the sudden she was ousted from the synagogue by security personnel.

Loomer passed out copies of the following press release at the NYC Twitter protest:

From : On November 21, 2018, Laura Loomer, Conservative investigative journalist was permanently banned from Twitter for life. She was banned for 30 days from Facebook less than 24 hours later. It’s another example of collusion by tech giants to censor conservative voices. 😡

The tweet that Twitter decided to ban her for was a tweet full of facts about Sharia. It was a tweet directed at Ilhan Omar, a newly elected Congresswoman, a politician, a public figure. Her tweet pointed out that her support of Sharia does not make her an ally for gay people, women, or Jews, as Twitter would like you to believe.

Twitter claims to have a term of service that outlines what behavior is and isn’t appropriate, but it is evident they selectively choose how to enforce their rules . Look at who else has been banned. The popular, influential conservative and libertarian voices including Chuck Johnson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Tommy Robinson, and John Guandolo.

Despite being banned by Twitter and Facebook. Ms. Loomer will be launching more accounts on numerous different platforms. she now has accounts on pro free speech sites Gab, , and . Alternative sites will host all her She also still has her YouTube channel, for now.

Regarding the issue of social media censorship. Ms. Loomer and her team prepared to go all the way to the Supreme Court. They will also prepare for a massive class action lawsuit that includes many other conservatives and libertarians. Including others who’ve been banned and silenced by big tech, while allowing leftists and jihadis to get away with much worse offenses. Including death threats against President Donald Trump.

Laura Loomer Twitter Protest NYC
Yesterday 11/29/18 Investigative journalist Laura Loomer protested Twitter censoring her by handcuffing herself to Twitter NYC office door.

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