Tucker Blasts YouTube Taking Down Doctors CoronaVirus Research Video

Tucker blasted the Third Reich of our modern time, Google owned YouTube, who removed California Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi popular coronavirus research video. Their video was shared and received millions of views, but was removed for violating YouTube policy. In Tuckers video interview CEO Susan Wojcicki accused Erickson and Massihi of spreading misinformation which was against Google’s policy. WRONG they were Censored by the Internet Gatekeeper! 😡

Susan Wojcicki defended her reasoning for removing Dr’s Erickson and Massihi’s popular coronavirus info video. What Wojcicki did not say was her staff is furloughed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. YouTube is depending on AI bots to deal with flagged videos which are making many mistakes. Creators are being automatically considered guilty without human review! 🙁

From YouTube creator blog: Our Community Guidelines enforcement today is based on a combination of people and technology: Machine learning helps detect potentially harmful content and then sends it to human reviewers for assessment. As a result of the new measures we’re taking, we will temporarily start relying more on technology to help with some of the work normally done by reviewers. This means automated systems will start removing some content without human review, so we can act quickly to remove violative content and protect our ecosystem, while we have workplace protections in place. As we do this, users and creators may see increased video removals, including some videos that may not violate policies.

Screenshot of removed YouTube Video available on Bitchute.

tucker on youtube censorship

We won’t issue strikes on this content except in cases where we have high confidence that it’s violative. If creators think that their content was removed in error, they can appeal the decision and our teams will take a look. However, note that our workforce precautions will also result in delayed appeal reviews. We’ll also be more cautious about what content gets promoted, including livestreams. In some cases, unreviewed content may not be available via search, or recommendations.

This IS Google shooting first before asking questions, so to speak. YouTube is using the coronavirus pandemic to deny creators first amendment rights. This month I’ve experienced this after on of my videos was removed and a channel strike was issued. My appeal was denied. 😥

Dear FidoSysop, Thank you for your counter notification. Unfortunately, it’s unclear to us whether you have a valid reason for filing a counter notification, so we won’t be able to honor your request. Counter notifications are only used when content has been removed as a result of mistake or misidentification, which may include exceptions like fair use. Keep in mind that using this process may result in the claimant filing a lawsuit against you for copyright infringement, so you should evaluate your legal position.

The last time i looked our country is still America. Dr’s Erickson and Massihi challenged the system and were punished. Unfortunately for us the Gatekeepers are choosing what we watch on TV or view on the Internet. Google especially is a major problem we face. I predict they will try to flip our upcoming presidential election. George Soros is said to own electronic voting machines possibly already programmed to help the democrats win 2020. I maintain this blog to voice my opinion, which is heavily censored by Google search. Topics like this infuriate me so i keep blogging!

tucker youtube censorship
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