Colorado STEM School Shooting Is Hate Medias Fault

A shooting Tuesday afternoon at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado left at least seven people injured and at least two suspects were in custody, the sheriff’s office said.

It’s possible that a third suspect remains in STEM School Highlands Ranch, which is still being searched, Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Nicholson-Kluth said at a news conference. Some students remained inside and authorities were working to evacuate the elementary school.

Stem School Shooting Colorado
Police surround this Colorado school where gun violence occurred. Hate media CNN and MSNBC are suspected in brainwashing shooter.

Authorities urged the public to avoid the area. Multiple units from the South Metro Fire Rescue reported to the scene to help, the agency said on Twitter. The Denver office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) also tweeted that they were responding.

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carol kilmon
carol kilmon
May 7, 2019 11:00 PM

How does a parent have the nerve to send their child to a school ever again after this atrocity continues to occur? How does a child return to a building where their friends have been wounded and killed? They all know this is not the first time…they have already had three emergency shut downs in Colorado alone…the second one this year for my grandkids…This is not the way for children should be forced to live…where are the safety features that should be installed by now to offer some sort of security to a very vulnerable education system?