Trump Rally 05/20/19 Montoursville PA

Another HUGE Trump Rally in Montoursville PA had attendees cheering. President Trump promised to continue pushing for job growth, unleash coal and shale, and bring back industrial plants. We have saved America. We’ve made America great again, and we are going to keep America great! Trump told a crowd gathered inside a hangar in rural Lycoming County, where Republicans account for more than half of registered voters.

Excited supporters of President Donald J. Trump boarded buses early Monday, already heading to his rally in Lycoming County. A crowd of people took one of the first shuttles into Montoursville. With around 10,000 people expected to make the trip, there will be minimal parking in the borough. Most traveled to the Lycoming Mall and took a shuttle bus to the borough’s airport hangar where the rally was held.

trump rally 05.20.19
Trump fans board shuttle buses to Montoursville PA airport hanger where today’s high energy rally was held

Friends it’s imperative we all Vote Republican 2020. Democrats have nothing to offer America but HATE and Impeach Trump. But with AG Bill Barr and his team Investigating the Investigators, the deep state rats like Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Schiff, Page, Lynch, are already pointing fingers at each other. The indictments will be coming down soon. As Rush Limbaugh recently said, when we see them leave America for non-extradition countries, we’ll know the crap is hitting the fan! 😆

reump rally Montoursville 05.20.19
Thousands attended the Trump Rally in Montoursville PA. This man wore a ‘build the wall suit’ that was sold out on Amazon shortly afterward.

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