Is COVID19 A China Deep State Cabal To Get Rid Of Donald Trump

What’s the chance this whole CoronaVirus CVNID-19 pandemic is another deep state cabal to keep president Trump from being reelected? I’m not wearing a tin-foil hat but have to consider the possibility of another democrat plan to oust president trump. Especially with what has happened to our economy. Sadly many mom and pop small businesses will never reopen. 😥

Many small businesses (the heart and sole of America) are already gone. Big banks sucked up the federal funds intended to help small business stay alive and gave it to large corporations and franchises. It’s just like anything in America and elsewhere in the world. It’s all about the money. The little business people are left to fend for themselves. Being shut down for a month killed many!

We already know, or should know, the Democrats want to rid America of it’s middle class. They only want two classes. The rich elite class and the very poor. It’s how democrats have keep people in poverty for decades. But in 2016 here came Donald Trump the businessman. Trump was the perfect president being a businessman and not a politician. America was a serious threat to China!

But the deep state and dirty politicians like Nasty Pelosi and her cohorts have mercilessly attacked him the past 3 years is horrible. I believe this CoronaVirus was a final push to rid America of Donald Trump. Is Bill Gates involved? We know China could care less how many of their people died. China and the World Health Organization were in cahoots feeding president Trump lies and bad data, while taking millions of our dollars. Donald Trump was right halting the snakes in the grass funding!

So as America prepares to reopen many are picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. We’re starting over again. Social distancing will create hurdles in normal every day lives. One Industry i can thing of is the Auto Auctions that have been closed for a month. It’s not uncommon to see huge crowds gather when a desirable car pulls into the auction block. How will 6 feet restrictions effect this industry? I’m a retired used car dealer so I know how crowded the auction lanes become.

This is just a quick post that will be added to later on. What are your thoughts? Is the CoronaVirus a Deep State Cabal cooked up with China to get even with America for sinking their economy?

I'm an outspoken Florida-born good ole southern boy, and Fidonet network computer bulletin board system operator turned pro-webmaster and blogger, keeping up with tech, and voicing my opinion without sugarcoating or beating around the bush!

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