DNC Partner The New York Times Lying Again About CoronaVirus Deaths

That old mantra never let a crisis go to waste is especially true with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and their partner in crime The New York Times. The NYT once again is running with another fake story about the Trump administration. Seems an unnamed snitch is projecting 3,000 COVID-19 deaths PER DAY in June 2020. And their mouthpiece CNN is running with it!

Nothing new here – just more fake news from The NYT and CNN home of Don Lemon who thinks Michelle Obama is prettier than Melania Trump. Haters like these keep putting out fake news scaring the hell out of the public. Most of us in the know know they are full of crap. But there are those wearing blinders that actually BELIEVE 3,000 people per day will die. That’s how the democrats plan on winning in 2020 by telling big lies and hoping the weak minded believe them!

CoronaVirus survivor Carlos Gavidia joins Hannity and talks about his clever way to get around guidelines prohibiting him from flying a ‘Trump Flag’. Check out the HUGE Trump supporters boat parade! 🙂

Every segregation law in the United States from the 1880s to the 1950s was passed by a democratic legislature, signed by a democratic governor, and enforced by democratic officials. And there is not a single exception to this rule. The solution is to Vote Republican 2020!

Democrats are burning their own bridges just begging to be defeated on election day. Why are ONLY Democratic Governors demanding unrealistic state business shutdowns when others are moving forward? The fact is Democrats want to rid America of it’s middle class citizens! 😡


Considering the DNC Media Partners are spreading propaganda, and we are AT WAR with the invisible enemy. Why can’t we just pull their plug? I blogged about pulling the haters plugs last month. What ABC CBS CNN NBC MSDNC (add others here) are pushing propaganda. Vladimir Putin would line them up to be shot to set an example for the others, and Russia and North Korea’s executions would be aired live on state TV for all to see. Do the rest of y’all wanna be next?

America is more civilized than some countries, but we should be able to pull their plugs. For instance go to CNN’s domain name and delete all their A records and Cname’s. 😥 Or wildcard redirect their traffic to whitehouse.gov 😆 This is war and we’re dealing with traitors! 😡

new york times publishing lies

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