Why Was Alex Jones NOT Invited To Trump Social Media Summit

The Twitter sphere is buzzing today about Alex Jones NOT being invited to President Trump’s social media summit that’s being held tomorrow, 07/11/19. In my humble opinion Jones has been mistreated the most by big tech, but was on Donald J. Trump’s campaign battleground front line from the beginning. It’s sad he has been forgot about! 😥

alex jones on the battleground front line
Alex Jones was an early soldier on Donald J. Trump’s campaign front line, and fought hard helping to get him elected as our president

It’s also my opinion that Alex Jones had a lot to do with Donald J. Trump being elected. I remember those “Hillary For Prison” rolling billboards, and aircraft banners telling everyone where Hillary belonged. Jones must have spent a ton campaigning for Donald J. Trump!

During WW2 Adolph Hitler accused his enemies of what he was doing. And that’s just what Democrats and big tech did to Alex Jones. He had the guts to go to Washington and stand up to his accusers. He didn’t really do anything wrong, but was handed the Internet death sentence.

alex jones booted social media
In this cartoon by Ben Garrison, Alex Jones was exiled by big tech and booted from their social media island.

The undeniable fact is, Alex Jones is a threat to Democrats and big tech. They hate him for helping Donald J. Trump become America’s 45th president. They had to try and get rid of him to prevent him campaigning for the Trump campaign in 2020. But i have to give him credit for standing up to the bullies of social media. Though they deplatformed him of his smartphone apps, crippling his stores ability to generate revenue by cancelling his merchant accounts, and PayPal who also suspended his account, Alex Jones is still here and plugging away!

I’m not an Alex Jones fan, nor do i frequent his website. BUT this is about big tech being ‘judge, Jury, and Executioner’ deciding for Americans what they can assess over the internet. Just with smartphones alone TWO companies control the app market.

This narrated screen video documents the process of submitting this particular URL to Google search console. After publishing and submitting this post it was refused saying it did not meet Google indexing guidelines (possibly because it was about Alex Jones and Donald Trump.) I then went to Bing and submitted it with no errors. An hour later it was in #1 position on Bing. Later on i resubmitted it to Google and screen captured the process.

President Trump, I feel you should get Alex Jones to your summit tomorrow, maybe send a charter to pick him up. Don’t forget the one that worked so hard to get you elected!

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