Google WHM Hack – Nothing Hurts Worse Than The Truth

Just another rainy day in paradise. My morning started as usual by logging into the server, check for updates etc. I soon discovered this Google IP path traversal attack trying to access this blogs wp-config file, which was thwarted by WHM Mod Security.

It seems sloppy that Google would try hacking a website from one of their own IP addresses, but the facts in the video leaves no doubt it was them or one of their agents! Slowly but surely the death star and it’s captain Darth Vader are succumbing to attacks by the truth force.

I have no doubt my blog post about Project Veritas interview with Google senior software engineer Greg Coppola has stirred up a hornets nest in cyberspace. Though it was unpopular on Facebook and Twitter, It’s still the top post exposing Google AND eBay Inc dirty laundry.

Speaking of Google and Greg Coppola, Preston Tucker did an interview with Mr. Coppola last night that I didn’t get to watch. Searching YouTube and also accessing left leaning Fox News nothing could be found. Usually something like this could be found on YouTube by a 3rd party, but not today so far. Google is probably using their death star’s algorithm to hide by keyword, just like they do to my YouTube channel. Even Twitter came up with zilch!

Yepper.. The manipulation machines are busy sweeping dirty laundry under the rug. However Gregory Coppola is a True Warrior for truth and honesty! His Medium account will soon be chocked full of revealing articles. Here is Mr. Coppola’s first Medium article.

Just beware Medium is one of the deep state leftist swamp rats that very possibly could suspend the account. Keep backups of all yer data just in-case!

Big Tech Censoring Conservatives
Cartoon by Ben Garrison depicting how big tech is squashing conservative and Trump supporters voices online.

Attackers are busy this morning also trying to shoot the messenger with brute force dictionary bot attacks. Running WordPress? check out Clean Talk the best WordPress defense available!

clean talk wordpress defense
There hitting this WordPress installation hard today, but clean talk is denying access to the blog.

I’ve disabled Facebook Comments for the time being because of their lack of use. It’s just another server resource waste to have running. I’ve recently added Disqus commenting system which will accept guest comments. Disqus beats WordPress comments by a long country mile. Have question or to add your two cents worth comment below! 😉

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