Primary Democratic Debate Another Detroit Dumpster Fire

Last nights Primary Democratic Debate was a dumpster fire. Bernie Sanders said every credible poll 😆 has him beating Donald Trump. Lesser-known candidates took shots at those stationed at the middle podiums. But none of the Democratic candidates can beat Donald J. Trump, who’s having another MAGA Rally in Cincinnati OH Thursday night 🙂

democratic primary debate
The Democratic Party’s presidential primary debate in Detroit on July 30 was a dumpster fire

Normally I wouldn’t blog about this primary Democratic Debate, but since left leaning Fox & Friends spent nearly the 1st hour bragging about it, here goes!

10 Primary Democratic debate candidates took the stage on Tuesday night included Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Tim Ryan, John Delaney, Steve Bullock, John Hickenlooper and Marianne Williamson.

The candidates clashed over issues like Medicare-for-all, immigration and their individual chances of defeating Donald Trump in the upcoming White House race. As they battled on stage, politically active celebrities took to Twitter to support their candidates and make jokes.

Pocahontas Warren said, I genuinely do not understand why anyone would go to all the trouble of running for president just to get up on this stage and talk about what’s not possible. I’ll spare y’all the boring details. But Mark Dice will fill y’all in on the CNN clown show details. 😆

Lets face it, Nobody can beat Donald J. Trump in 2020! Democrats know their game is over but refuse to admit it. Their same old boring race-card is getting so old and is failing as bad as Elijah Cummings in Baltimore, even with Rev. Al Sharpton throwing gasoline on the fire! 😆

primary democratic debate
Whining, scolding nags lectured Americans about how bad things are and how everything is president Trump’s fault

Democrats are doomed to extinction in 2020! We’re giving President Trump 4 More Years!

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