WHM cPanel Acquired By Oakley Capital Raises License Fees

Running WHM / cPanel hosting cloud instance? cPanel has new multi tiered pricing. It’s no doubt that cPanel is the best web server software on the net, but from what I’m reading starting on 09/01/19. Licensees will be billed by how many account’s (domains) are hosted on an instance. Looks like it will get really expensive to run under cPanel.

cPanel license fee increase
Since being recently acquired by Oakley Partners, cPanel / WHM is raising fees and will no longer offer an unlimited license.

As a hobbyist i have 5 domains hosted in my vps instance, which would put me in the Admin tier billed at $20 month, an increase of $4 monthly. If you have a single domain you qualify for the Solo tier at $15 month. The next tier is Pro that includes up to 25 accounts, and goes up from there. This is only for the cPanel License – Server hosting is additional! 😥
cpanel tier pricing chart
It’s fixing to get real expensive to run cPanel. here are 4 basic license tiers that go UP from there.

cPanel was recently acquired by Oakley Capital and today, announced a new pricing and licensing structure to our partners, distributors, and store customers. Our pricing and licensing will now be standardized for all of our customers. And be billed monthly by multiple Tiers.

Personally I’m thinking many budget hosts will no-longer offer cPanel. I have several domains on a budget host, paid annually, used only for url forwarding, this could get interesting. Also we will see admins using add-on-domains to get around account pricing.

From what I’ve read so-far this tiered license change has went over like a fart in church. Earlier search brought up a reddit url that said cPanel’s support forums had been ddosed. Yesterday when accessing those forums for another task, i got a forum down for maintenance message.

Earlier today search brought up many horror stories by web-hosts who would be forced out of business by this licensing change. Just now repeating the same search I see many articles are gone. We know Google does manipulate their index, and it’s possible others do the same.

Some hosting companies like GoDaddy for an example have 100k accounts on a single server, I dread their cPanel license fee. This post says: Yesterday the folks cPanel lobbed something of a grenade into the middle of the web hosting industry with a blog post entitled Announcing Account Based Pricing.

That’s how bad Corporate America has become. A greedy corporation could strike anyone in any industry. As an example. Our mobile home community was bought by a large corporation a few years back. The people that developed it in the 60’s sold out to a large corporation. Since then they’ve raised everyone’s rent sky high, and do very little maintenance. Storm drains are plugged up and during the rainy season the whole street floods.

Further info is available in the cPanel blog. It’s all about the money! New WHM / cPanel owner and they jack the price WAY UP! Corporate America could care less about us! 😥

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