Ban Democrats And Instigating Hate Media Instead Of Guns

Guns Don’t Kill People – Bad People With Guns – Kill People. Democrats and their partners in HATE such as CNN and MSNBC (insert others here) are KILLING People. Yes that’s correct. The media is driving good people mad with the hatred they spread. It’s NOT President Trump and his Deplorables that are the Instigators OF HATE! Hold Democrats and their Hate Media Partners responsible for the bloodshed they instigate!

ban democrats not guns
It’s time America Bans Democrats and their Hate Peddling Media who are instigating trouble in our society.

We hear it all the time on social media. Hatred is overwhelming America. Democrats are quick to point the finger at President Trump, but it’s all lies. Donald J. Trump Loves ALL Americans! This video example is Maxine Waters urging her constitutes to attack Trump Supporters!

Banning Democrats and their peddlers of Hate sounds like a good starting point to me. After the recent mass murders by obviously brainwashed young people, it’s very clear Hate Democrats were pointing their fingers at President Trump and his Deplorables who were NOT at fault! 🙁

Guns Do Not Kill People – Bad People With Guns – Kill People – Ban Democrats! 😉

It’s the same old democrat hate peddlers blaming President Trump and his Deplorables for anything bad happening in America. Just like Adolph Hitler once said, blame your enemies for what you’re doing! Ban Democrats and their Hate Peddling Media who instigate trouble!

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Roland Grimes
Roland Grimes
August 6, 2019 1:14 PM

Sadly the Democratic Party is not as same as many years ago. Young idealists with there crazy ideas are indeed frighting. Gladly non of them have a chance of being elected in 2020. Trump will serve his people another 4 years keeping america great!

Bill Barrell
August 6, 2019 12:56 PM

I was 8 when ww2 started. It messed with my childhood. I lived in London during the Blitz
Half of it in shelters . I have two grand kids. I do not want them to go through the same thing. Trump like Hitler is faning the flames of hate.