Why Forum Discussions Are Best For Political Topics

Forum discussions are the old fashioned best resource for HOT topics that are censored by social media. Political discussions right now are sizzling hot, and also heavily moderated with political bias censorship on many platforms. With the 2020 Elections around the corner, Conservatives and Trump supporters are literally being slaughtered by left wing social media. That’s where a well designed SEO optimized web forum is worth it’s weight in gold!

forum discussions
Welcome to FidoSysop Forum your censor free discussion zone on the net

FidoSysop recently got beat up bad on Facebook. My page reached 3.4 million conservatives and Trump supporters in August. The message was so loud it alerted FB staff who shadowbanned it effectively bringing the discussion to a standstill. 😥

I’ve also been promoting this forum on social media sites i frequent, which probably added to the shadowban decision. The last thing big tech oligarchs want is people discussing politics on forums getting indexed by search. That’s where forum discussions will take over.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter etc are closed systems. Facebook pages can get indexed into search, but only if pages are chosen to bring in more members. Theirs no way Conservative and Trump supporters pages will be allowed outside the kingdom. Another good reason to start forum discussions and invite your friends to chime in.

FidoSysop is just about done with social media. Facebook for sure after the dirty deed they pulled on me. Twitter is OK to comment here and there, but did get me slapped after commenting on a Geraldo Rivera topic bashing ICE. And there others as well. Parler is still a joke, I recently found out changing my email address on Parler was impossible, and no support contact link. Member profiles on Parler are closed to search indexing.

Another recently new social media site i am impressed with is PolitiChatter. This site is sweet as for it’s layout and works well and is lightning fast. Lots of activity with lots of articles and photos being shared. PolitiChatter is free and like Parler and GAB promise no political bias censorship. PolitiChatter however is a membership site if subscribers want more perks. They have a membership plan that auto-subscribes new members. They say this premium package is the easiest fastest way to build a following.

Social media is good for influencers and public figures. President Trump loves Twitter, it’s just too bad Twitter don’t love him! Sooner or later Jack will suspend his account! For the rest of us unknown in the big-tech world forum discussions are our best bet.

Check out my SimplePress Forum – and let me know your thoughts below. 😉

I'm a Florida-born good ole southern boy hanging out online keeping up with tech. Being a TV technician from the early 70s I felt right at home when the net was released to the public. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as a hobbyist. If you find this article's information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible!

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