Community Forums Discussion Making A Strong Comeback

Forum’s were once the preferred internet hangout for people looking discuss certain topics. But soon people flocked to Facebook and most forums were abandoned, but are making a comeback today. Bulletin Board Systems were the predecessor of web forum software.

Forums offer a better community giving friends a secure tracking free source to discuss topics of interest. Most forums offer true personal messaging for private communication.

FidoSysop Blog runs WordPress under PHP 7.3 on a WHM / cPanel dedicated server. This forum is SimplePress an excellent WordPress plugin. This triple combination offers the best speed and transport layer security. Our public forums also offer tinymce JavaScript editor, and open graph capability for sharing to social networks. An unbeatable combination!

fidosysop forums
Forums once abandoned for social media platforms are making a comeback today.

It’s all coming down to security and privacy which is a priority for most internet users. Many question where their data shared to social media sites ends up. Others are concerned about censorship of their opinion on topics such as politics. Big brother is watching and archiving your every word posted to social media. Post something they don’t approve of and your account is suspended, most likely for life.

On our forums there is a warm inviting sense of community where members don’t fear the moderators when posting a subject, or commenting on a hot topic such as politics. It’s like comparing Apples to Oranges, social media can never compare to forums. Here’s a forum post with more info about FidoSysop Forum and how to become a member.

In particular, politics are a steaming hot topic. But the big boys in silicone valley are pros at political bias censorship. They hide posts critical of the other side. And suspend members trying to speak the truth. I’m really sick of it all and have given up on social media.

Check us out – and let me know your thoughts below. 😉

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Ozz Nixon
Ozz Nixon
September 9, 2019 1:56 PM

You mean BBS Software was the predecessor to the current Internet forums. (you said it in reverse) 😉