Corrupt Joe Biden: Mainstream Media Is LYING To America

The Swamp and their MSM Haters are LYING About Corrupt Joe Biden. NBC News Lester Holt said “There is NO Evidence that Joe Biden Did ANYTHING Wrong.” Yet Biden BRAGGED about getting Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin FIRED on Nationwide TV. 😆

It’s shocking that well known News Anchor and Journalist Lester Holt would flat out tell his viewers a known lie about corrupt Joe Biden. And the same goes for the rest of today’s media. Main stream media is an extension of the Democratic National Committee (DNC.)

corrupt joe biden
Hunter Biden speaks from his fathers vice president of the united states podium in Ukraine

President Trump is pissed off, and I don’t blame him one bit. The DNC and their hater media has been screaming Impeach Trump since he took office. The so called whistleblower is said to have consulted with Adam Schiff for help before filing his complaint. It’s also rumored the whistleblower is a CIA White House plant by swamp rat John Brennan!

Meanwhile The Hill reports: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is calling on Facebook to remove an ad President Trump’s campaign is running that questions former Vice President Joe Biden’s role in the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor.

“Yes, any false ad should be fact checked and removed, including this one,” said Daniel Wessel, the deputy war room director at the DNC. “Facebook owes that to its users.”

The fact is main stream media is LYING to YOU! MSM is following orders from the Corrupt DNC telling lie after lie. They honestly believe Americans are Stupid! 😆

Another FACT Is true patriots like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are speaking the TRUTH. This Ukraine Scandal is yet another Democrat and Main Stream Media SMOKE SCREEN covering corrupt Joe Biden’s Rear End! 😡 😡

There’s no doubt in my mind that president Donald J. Trump will be re-elected to his 2nd term in 2020. But we have to spread the word where the TRUTH can be found.

Rudy Giuliani claims he has Ukrainian documents Proving Collusion with Top Democrats.

And last but not least, Pray that Jesus Christ keeps President Trump safe during this challenging time in his life. Donald J. Trump gave up a good life to tackle the D.C. Swamp. America IS BACK under the Trump Presidency, and we’re gonna keep it that way!

As i said yesterday in this video, spread the word where the TRUTH can be found!

I'm an outspoken Florida-born good ole southern boy, and Fidonet network computer bulletin board system operator turned pro-webmaster and blogger, keeping up with tech, and voicing my opinion without sugarcoating or beating around the bush!

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