RINO Mitt Romney: The “Big Mouth” That Cost Him Two Elections

A secret recording of US Republican presidential candidate RINO Mitt Romney condemning millions of Americans who cannot provide for themselves, cost him the election. So here in 2019 we have “Sore Loser Mittens” taking his hostilities out on President Donald Trump! 😡

The secret recording, made in May 2012 at a Florida fund raising dinner, was released on the internet. After it became public Mitt Romney described his remarks as inelegant, but he did not retract the remarks. “Mittens” Romney has been a sore loser ever since. 😆

Fast forward to the 2016 Election. RINO Mitt Romney went live at the University of Utah to literally Bash Donald Trump’s Head Into The Ground on 03/03/16. This is an abrupt “Flip Flop” for Romney, who Praised Donald Trump’s Presidential Endorsement in 2012.

Donald Trump was good enough to Endorse Romney as a presidential candidate, but not for the current GOP RNC Front Runner! Cable news stations interrupted their midday programming to air live Romney’s much-hyped, anti-Trump speech from the University of Utah. The Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other leading newspapers posted stories about the address atop their homepages.

RINO Mitt Romney (Republican In Name Only) Was a sore loser back in 2012, and in 2016, And today. Mittens continues to shove his foot in his big mouth. As that old saying goes, nothing hurts worse than the truth! Lets give Donald J. Trump 4 more years! 😉

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