Trump Rally Bossier City LA 11/14/19 Instant HD Replay

Trump Rally Bossier City was another GREAT get-together between the president and his fans. Trump was down on the Louisiana bayou Thursday night drumming up votes for Governor candidate Eddie Rispone, (R-LA). Our president also hammered do nothing Democrats for their sham Impeachment process. Sen. John Kennedy, (R-LA) also spoke at the rally. 🙂

At his Trump Rally Bossier City, president Trump introduced a new political attack line against House Democrats amid their ongoing impeachment coup. The president forcefully declaring, “We did nothing wrong, and they’re doing absolutely nothing for the people!”

trump rally bossier city
Large crowds wait outside the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City LA for tonight’s Trump Rally.

Sen. Kennedy, last week made critical comments about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at another Louisiana Trump rally. At that event in Monroe, LA. Kennedy discussed the Trump impeachment inquiry and said of Pelosi. “It must suck to be that dumb!” 😆

Turning his attention to Saturday’s runoff election between businessman Rispone and incumbent Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards, Sen Kennedy urged attendees to get out the vote. “Unless you’re happy with crappy, vote Eddie Rispone for governor.

More Democrats are defecting from their party and supporting president Trump. It’s simple logic, as Mr. Spock used to say on the Star Trek TV series. Dems are doing absolutely nothing for the American People. Instead of passing need bills that would help the people, Dems are fixated on their phony impeachment coup trying to oust our president!

trump rally bossier city
An increasing number of Democrats are defecting the DNC supporting the Trump re-election KAG2020 campaign effort.

Yes Yes Yes.. Theirs NOTHING LIKE A TRUMP RALLY! Have you been to a Trump Rally? While you’re here check out FidoSysop’s Trump MAGA Rally Archive. 🙂

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