On The Road With FidoSysop Taking About America

I was out and about last night and made this video clip as i drove along I-275 in Tampa FL. President Trump has this situation under control as well as possible under the situation!

The haters like Lester Holt on NBC News are selling confusion and division to the American people. Don’t fall for these lobbyists working for the democratic national comity (DNC.) These scumbags are politicizing the coronavirus pandemic hyping fear and uncertainty. Get your information direct from the center for disease control website cdc.gov and sideline the hate media. 😉

Please help FidoSysop spread the good word deep into cyberspace by sharing his posts to social media, and by adding your comments below. It’s president Trump and all of us against the hate media! Check out my other archived political blog posts while your here 🙂

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