Obama Knew It All About Crossfire Hurricane The Kraken Is Released

Obama knew it ALL about FBI Operation Crossfire Hurricane. That old saying “apples don’t fall far from the tree” is a solid fact about the ObamaGate admin. Rotten Democrat Apples that is! 😡

obama knew crossfire hurricane

This is just a quick post since it’s a boring coronavirus Sunday in paradise. It is hereby noted that when researching a few facts I came upon a Wikipedia article. On the right sidebar the wiki proudly says “this article in one in a series about Donald Trump.” They might want to rename their series to ‘about the Barack Obama Administration’ and co-conspirators. All HELL is breaking loose soon!

crossfire hurricane Wikipedia series snippet

The RUSSIA Investigation was an Obama Administration setup from the beginning. Obama knew what HIS FBI was doing illegally wiretapping and spying on the Trump campaign back in 2016. It will soon be ‘cuff em and stuff em time.’ The first lying weasel that should be arrested is James Comey. That should knock that smug look off his face. Followed by the rest of team Obama.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for Obama to be charged in operation crossfire hurricane. He’s a big fish that’s well protected by the deep state. But can no longer say ‘his admin was scandal free!’

obama knew it all

This is the worst corruption scandal to ever be revealed, and is just the tip of the iceberg that sank the Obama admin. Like president trump says 99% of the FBI is honorable and respects and maintains the integrity the agency was founded under. Hopefully we will see severe prison sentences handed down for that 1% of Rotten Apples who spoiled the rest of the bushel!

It’s Absolute BULLSHIT that someone in the FBI tipped off CNN to be at Roger Stones condo at 5:00 AM as they swatted a physically harmless 70 year old man. Stone is another whose prison sentence should be dropped. LAW AND ORDER not Entrapment and Democratic Corruption!

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