Law And Order Is Coming Back To America – Patriots Stay Focused

Law And Order Is Coming BACK to America! Probably sooner than we think. Politicians have been selling out America for decades. Not only Democrats but Republicans too. It took a smart businessman to shake the deep state routine up. And Donald J. Trump DID just that! 🙂

law and order
Huma Abedin aided Hillary Clinton in the U.S. state dept. Could she be forced to testify against her.

Now look how the dishonest politicians are retaliating against him. We patriots can see right through their smoke and mirror show. It’s a total sham as president Trump has said!

It’s my personal opinion, that for decades insider politicians have been enriching themselves on our tax dollars.  Making deals that provided them something in return.

The biggest of the alleged traitors were the Clinton’s. It’s alleged Huma Abden was the contact person between Hillary Clinton and her Foundation donors. Abden is alleged to have handled the communication between Hillary and her contacts requests.

The biggest pay-for-play scam in American history. Selling Americas Uranium to Russia .

Was two mansion Barack Obama involved? Law and Order is coming Back to America!

law and order
Cartoon depicts a zip line between the dept of state and the Clinton foundation with suitcases of cash going in

Bottom line is. The swamp is fighting like hell but president Trump is not giving up.

That farce Schiff Pelosi impeachment is a media shit show. IF they get enough votes to take it to the senate. Lindsey Gram will toss it in the trash. I do like president Trump’s suggestion of a full senate trial. But on the other hand, The Biden’s and other deep state sewer rats will probably take the fifth and not testify anyway. Amounting to a waste of time and money!.

I love MY Country the way is used to be back many decades ago. When Detroit built the finest automobiles in the world. Back when police were respected. I Love and respect my President Donald J. Trump. And congratulate him on a job well done!

law and order
Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi hold a press conference announcing their impeachment sham update

Update 12/15/19: As the old saying goes – nothing hurts worse than the truth! Since this post was blogged my server has been under a brute force attack attempt. Most of the IP’s logged belong to Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon AWS web services. I administer my own dedicated server that takes the hits and keeps on going. Bots are trying to guess my WordPress login. Nope chumps it’s computer generated and you’ll never guess it 😆

Just throw the partisan Impeachment scam in the dumpster where it belongs! 😡

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