Trump Rally Battle Creek MI 12/18/19 Instant Replay

Instant HD Replay Trump Rally Battle Creek MI 12/18/19. On the eve of the Democratic party’s vote to impeach president Trump, our president rallied his supporters and allies. Democrats have committed political suicide Impeaching president Trump who did nothing wrong! 😡

Democratic party swamp mistress Nancy Pelosi dressed in black for the DNC’s funeral, as proudly depicted by the New Your Post cover page. 😆

swamp mistress nancy pelosi funeral
Today’s New York Post cover proudly shows Nancy Pelosi dressed in black for the democratic party’s funeral

It was a bitter cold day in Battle Creek as thousands waited for the rally facility to open. Donald Trump stuck it to the democratic party big time as his supporters loudly cheered.

trump rally battle creek mi
As usual ahead of a Trump rally thousands of faithful supporters wait outside for the arena to open

Even Santa Claus waited to join the Trump Rally Battle Creek.

trump rally battle creek
Even Santa Claus waited to join the Trump Rally Battle Creek

It’s over chumps! America must unite and vote strait ticket Republican in 2020!

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