2020 State Of The Union Address Instant HD Replay

President Trump delivered his best State Of The Union address ever, last night. American’s were glued to their TV’s and devices as “our best president ever” spoke. Sadly in the end old douche Nancy Pelosi tore up president Trump’s speech. Nancy, all of America witnessed your hateful act of defiance, driving another nail in the DNC Coffin. Lets vote the do nothing democrats out!

Their is no doubt America is back from it’s brink of destruction, and is respected again. But regardless how good our economy is, their are haters like Rashida Tlaib and her cohorts. Socialist Democrats are now Radicals and not what the DNC represented before president Trump was elected. They HATE America as it is now and want to change it.

This was president Donald Trump’s best ever state of the union address. My eyes were glued to my TV as Republican’s cheered and clapped their hands during our fearless leaders speech. All the special guests of this years sotu are here on whitehouse.gov.

It was appalling to watch those Do Nothing Democrats sitting on their hands with scowls on their faces. Sadly, Nancy Pelosi ripping up her “official copy’ of Donald Trump’s speech, was the ultimate act of defiance and hatred toward Americans. And she broke the law doing so!

Your comments are encouraged to support President Trump who loves America and all of us! While you’re here check out my large collection of Trump rally instant replays.

state of the union
Rush Limbaugh smiles after president Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom as Melania Trump presents the medal to him.
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February 7, 2020 6:24 AM

Nancy Pelosi is and was a disgrace to ur country. She has lost her mind it seems. I would remove her immmediately before she can do any more damage to our Party and country. She aactually thinks she is more important than our elected President of the USA. She needs a rude awaking NOW