Sore Loser Democrats Running With Russia Hoax 2020

Looks like ole Crooked Hillary’s Russia Hoax is making yet another comeback. If y’all remember back in 2016 when Hillary got her butt kicked, the very next day after sobering up, the Russia Hoax was put into action. Now she’s running her mouth about Russia again.

democrat russia hoax 2020
The dirty do nothing democrats are pulling that old proven false Russia hoax out of Hillary’s playbook again

President Trump said the intelligence finding that Russia was again meddling in a coming presidential election in his favor was a partisan “misinformation campaign.” Lets face it, Democrats have failed again and again trying to unseat our duly elected president. This latest regurgitation of Hillary’s Russia Hoax is indeed a Democrat Misinformation Campaign!

I’m sure ole Vladimir Putin would prefer Donald Trump become Potus 46. God help us if Bernie Sanders, Sleepy Joe Biden, or Mike Bloomberg became potus. Can you imagine the greasy kickback demands from Washington politicians, on foreign governments? It’s a tough job draining the D.C. swamp, but Donald J. Trump’s making progress! 🙂

The intelligence assessment delivered last Thursday to lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee, determined that Russia is planning to interfere in the 2020 primaries as well as the general election. We all know it’s FAKE Democrat BS! 😡

But the way it was delivered angered some Republicans, and the attendance of Representative Adam Schiff, Democrat of California and the chairman of the committee who led the impeachment proceedings, particularly angered President Trump.

Friends there is but one solution Vote Republican 2020. Lets send all these dishonest lyin’ D.C. sewer rats packing! Their NOT working for the people who elected them!

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