Restoring Community Values & Trust Will Make eBay Great Again

Back in 1999 Doc started building his reputation as an eBay seller. He offered quality Florida retiree used car trade-ins. eBay provided an exciting new way to sell used cars worldwide and was a huge hit. New markets were created where there were none.

eBay Community Values. Founders Statement 1996
Auction Web / eBay Founders note by Pierre Omidyar on February 26, 1996 as posted to the community.

He shipped some cars he sold and other delivery’s were what he advertised as fly-in drive-home. Buyers would fly to his local airport and Doc would pick them up. Drive to the car lot and do the paperwork, then issue a temporary tag. This process took about 20 minutes. Then the car’s new owner took a road trip home.

Doc didn’t sell quantity – he sold quality, and cherry-picked only the finest motor vehicles to offer on his eBay Account. Pierre Omidyar founded eBay under community values and trust. His opinion was everyone had something good to contribute to his community.

Life online was great, but trouble lied ahead. At that time the dregs of the used car business found a use for those AOL disks that were mass mailed. Untrustworthy sellers began selling doctored up junk and tarnishing the community trust Pierre founded his community under.

Next came the car scammers out of Europe. Mostly from Romania who listed non-existent cars . Trusting eBay community buyers were falling for “too-good to-be-true” car deals and were defrauded out of their money.

Execs turned a blind eye to the fraud and bad sellers. They lined their pockets with money, and laughed all the way to the bank.

From that point onward the great ship eBay Motors started its tumble into the abyss. Execs relaxed the rule that a motor vehicle transaction must be closed on the motors site. Instead dealers were urged to work bidders as leads and sell the vehicle anyway they could. That policy change undermined the trust and community values eBay was founded under.

So here it is 2017 and hardly anyone talks about eBay Motors. It’s a fact back in it’s heyday motors was the biggest income generator for eBay Inc. Now they rarely talk about it. It’s no longer a niche venue for people wanting to trade vehicles.

Had execs maintained the trust and community values eBay Motors by now would be the ONLY Trustworthy Venue Worldwide to buy and sell used cars! 😥

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