China Lied About CoronaVirus And Should Pay Dearly For It

Communist China – They hid COVID-19 their concocted CoronaVirus, they lied, they still lie and people have died. They should be held liable for the economic damage they’ve done.

Senator @HawleyMO talks about his new bill to Investigate The Chinese Communist Government for covering up COVID-19. China cost the world thousands of lives & billions of dollars. Senator Hawley says ought to be on the hook to pay for the economic damage they’ve done.

Yet America Hater Nancy Pelosi saw an opportunity to take advantage of Americans suffering. Sean Hannity lays out all the crap Pelosi and House Democrats padded into their stimulus relief bill, after voting out Senate Republican Mitch McConnell’s bill. Pure Democratic Hatred Of America!

There is only one solution to clean up this inherited Barack Obama mess. Vote every one of them OUT ASAP! Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and don’t for get Adam Schiff (add others here) that all need to go. This is OUR Country and these scumbags are NOT Working for America! 😡

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