Doom And Gloom Waiting To Die Or Possibly Survive COVID-19 Pandemic

Doom and Gloom seems to be today’s message on TV. As America begins it’s most deadly coronavirus cvnid-19 week yet I’m ready to live or die. Never even two weeks ago were these thoughts echoing in my mind. Thinking about the love of my life that passed away in December. She was probably lucky our heavenly father took her when he did. She was spared the worrying.

I’m hanging out inside my little ole tin can (mobile-home) only going out for groceries. I’ve got several face masks and a box of latex gloves thanks to good friends. This week will be rough!

My personal thoughts are, cvnid-19 was cooked up by China and the Democratic Party. China and Democrats both HATE America’s TRUMP ECONOMY! Sounds like Nasty Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and their Comrades conspiring with China to bankrupt our country and blame it on Donald Trump!

Video produced last night outlining my suspicions and thoughts as i sit here waiting to live or die. ūüė•

NORAD: Some of the most critical US senior military commanders and nuclear and special operations forces are now operating under extraordinary protection measures to ensure that in the event of a sudden security crisis, including any potential nuclear mission, there will be enough healthy troops and leaders to carry out orders as the coronavirus cvnid-19 pandemic grows.

FidoSysop thinks the below is BULLSHIT! Our Government is working against Americans!

As the coronavirus ravages the U.S. economy and social distancing requirements force the closure of businesses and put millions out of work, the federal government is actively inviting foreign labor into the country to seek jobs, Tucker Carlson said Wednesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight .

Meanwhile with all this going on, social media censorship is ramping up. Google is ghost blocking comments on YouTube. Yea.. I’m one of those people that are on the Google crap list. Seems that warning consumers about FRAUD is a no-no in cyberspace. Between being a Trump supporter and operating this consumer protection website for 16 years, put me on Google’s bad boy list. ūüėÜ

So as I sit here watching the doom and gloom on TV and waiting to live or die, I could care less what big tech and big brother Google thinks about me! If you’re bored and looking for something else to do with you’re time, check out my phpBB forums. Write a post or comment on others.

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