Police Raid Drive In Church Worshipers Fined $500 Violating City Order

Police raid in Greenville, Mississippi parking lot of Temple Baptist Church during a drive-in prayer service. Officers levied $500 fines to everyone in attendance, including many elderly attendees. I find this action very upsetting, especially with Easter Sunday being tomorrow.

My first thoughts when seeing this article was police were in it for the money. Lets face it, everything in the world is about money. What police in Greenville Mississippi was horrible. Maybe those parked cars were closer than 6 feet apart. Police raiding Temple Baptist Church during a drive-in service is unbelievable. What Church will police target tomorrow on Easter Sunday? 😡

If you go to Walmart where thousands of people are touching and breathing on everything. And people are still working in factories making / selling non essential items because the boss doesn’t want to lose money. Why can’t Pastor Arthur Scott hold a drive up church service? Video credit Marcus Rogers

One of the police officers said the mayor wanted to make an example of our church, Pastor Arthur Scott said. I told them to get some more tickets ready because we will be preaching Easter Sunday morning and Sunday night. But Mayor Errick Simmons said the city council banned churches from hosting drive-in services, and police are enforcing the current order do to cvnid19.

According to the Washington Times: Temple Baptist Church is suing Greenville, Mississippi’s city government and mayor for busting up its “drive-in” church service.

Preston Tucker had this to say on his show last night 04/10/20

FidoSysop believes this is a bunch of police raid crap. An abuse of power by Greenville mayor Errick Simmons, Greenville City Counsel, AND Greenville Police. Paroshiners were sitting in their cars listening to Pastor Arthur Scott outdoors teaching the bible. I can get in my car and grab a greasy burger at a McDonalds drive through. But sitting in a Greenville church parking lot with my windows up attending an outdoor church service is taboo? Bullshit! 😡

According to KRIS 6 News in Coastal Bend South Texas this church is offering drive in services and plans on doing so tomorrow on Easter Sunday. Maybe Greenville city officials should pray for forgiveness!

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