All Hell Broke Lose During Trump / Biden 1st Presidential Debate

If the presidential candidates were women last nights debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden could be described as a cat fight. Joe Biden appeared to be hopped up on something, at times motor-mouthing, and his eyes were wide open. Donald Trump should have asked why Biden didn’t take a drug test before the debate. Fox provided Trump hater Chris Wallace at the moderator who at times appeared to carry Biden’s water. For 90 eye opening minutes the gloves went off! ?

President Donald Trump and former VP Joe Biden went head to head for the first time Sept. 29 in the first presidential debate.

Biden and Trump attacked each other in personal terms for more than 90 minutes, Fox News reports . The conversation ranged from the coronavirus crisis to the Supreme Court vacancy to health care. It’s not clear how much substance voters could get out of the debate, however, as it largely consisted of lines aimed to appeal to partisans.

Here are the top five moments from the first presidential debate.

1. Biden and Trump clash on who controls the Democratic Party. During the initial segment on the Supreme Court vacancy, the discussion turned to health care and Trump began to attack Biden by saying that he would be accountable to the Bernie Sanders-backing segment of his party and its support for “Medicare-for-all.” In what was the first of many explosive spats between the pair, Biden shot back that “I am the Democratic Party right now. The platform of the Democratic Party is what I in fact approved of.”

2. Wallace reminds the candidates who the moderator is. During the transition between the first segment of the debate and the second segment, Trump talked over Wallace for several seconds as the moderator attempted to get his question in. Wallace eventually raised his voice to say, “I’m the moderator of this debate” before finishing the question.

3. “Just lost the left.” Biden was discussing his health care plan, noting that Democrats in the primary were attacking him over the fact he would not abolish private health insurance, as many of the candidates were proposing. Trump interrupted and accused Biden of having agreed to abolish private health care and institute Medicare-for-all, which Biden has not done.

4. Biden addresses voters personally on coronavirus. One of Biden’s most effective moments of the debate came when the topic turned to the coronavirus pandemic and he directly addressed the camera and the voters at home as he made his case for why he is the best person to handle the pandemic.

5. Clash over masks and shutdowns. As the conversation continued on the topic of coronavirus, Wallace asked Trump why he continues to hold large rallies with no social distancing and sparse mask usage in clear violation of the guidelines from his own administration. Trump defended himself by noting that the rallies happen outside at airports and that “people want to hear what I have to say.”

presidential debate one

It’s painfully clear who won this debate to Joe Biden. Donald Trump cleverly exposed Hunter Biden’s Russia and Burisma dirty laundry. There’s no doubt in most American’s minds who should lead our country for another four years. Lets face the cold hard truth here – Barack Obama and Joe Biden caused the most division in our country ever. Vote Republican full ballot! ?

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