Thousands Of Fraudulent Ballots To Be Discarded, Sidney Powell

According to attorney Sidney Powell, hundreds of thousands ballots will have to be discarded. Powell says there’s tons of wrongdoing evidence that’s been uncovered, which could affect the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Democrats were cheating as we’re finding out!

We have evidence of the same number of ballots or same number of votes being injected into the Wisconsin system and into the Michigan system three different times,” she said in an interview Wednesday with Maria Bartiromo of the Fox Business Network.

“On top of that we have several states where they did not follow the law established by their legislature,” Powell said. She said there are four states that “have deviated significantly from what the legislature told them to do,” with “pallets of ballots coming in the back door.”

There is tons of evidence that hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded, and they’re all for Biden,” Powell said.

There also is evidence showing “it was statistically impossible for this election to come out the way it did.” “It’s just mathematically impossible,” she said. Lawsuits already have been launched in several states, and Powell said time is of the essence. She pointed out that the Trump campaign has to prove the claims only by a preponderance of the evidence rather than by “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

State elections officials who mismanaged the system, in violation of their own laws, are obligated to establish that what they did was correct, Sidney Powell pointed out. She noted U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito already has ruled that late ballots in Pennsylvania must be kept segregated, based on the possibility they will be ruled invalid. “They have to be thrown out,” Powell said. “It’s not a matter of ‘curing’ them. They can’t be counted at all.”

Sidney Powell also noted there are instances in which “hundreds” of ballots turned in at the same time were filled out in the same ink. “Hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be disregarded, and they’re all for Biden,” said Powell, a former federal prosecutor.

The Conservative Tree-house reports : Sidney Powell Discusses Election Fraud: “We have identified 450,000 ballots in key states, that magically only voted for Biden”.

Sidney Powell attorney for Micheal Flynn

She’s also investigating problems with the voting machine systems that were used in some states. Already, one Michigan county has discovered an error that gave some 6,000 votes to Biden that were cast for Trump. Personally, I’m thinking this is going to turn out real bad for Biden / Harris!

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