Rudy Giuliani Ridiculed By Main Stream Media During Presser

Last night Rudy Giuliani was personally attacked for sweating and his hair dye dripping during a Trump legal team announcement about election fraud. Did someone crank the heat up purposely to make the Trump legal team uncomfortable? I have to take this as the MSM couldn’t find anything to discredit Mr. Giuliani and his teams findings, so they attack him personally. I mean, come on, just how LOW can these DNC controlled media spinners go? Their attacks show their mentality! πŸ˜†

Guilfoyle: You can’t stop Rudy, you can’t stop Trump

NBC New York Reports, Biden Team Belittles β€˜Spectacle’ of Sweaty Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Pushing Vote Fraud Conspiracy Claims. In other words the MSM can not come up with anything else to discredit the Trump teams allegations, so they resort to personal attacks! πŸ™„

Sidney Powell statement

The American People who support and voted for Donald J. Trump feel there was election fraud. As Sidney Powell said, “Donald Trump won by a landslide and we’re going to prove it. But trolls on Twitter and other media are doing their best to discredit president Trump’s legal team! πŸ™

Trump legal team

Or as @naikrakesh puts it. Rudy Giuliani & Jenna Ellis of Trump’s legal team in yesterday’s blaming the media of being biased. So much like what we see here in India these days.

rudy giuliani trump legal team

It’s gang mentality as MSM coordinates with big-tech attacking anyone that challenges their election results. But theirs already been allegations of fraud and Dominian voting systems caught red handed flipping Trump votes to Biden. This election stinks like a bordello at low tide! 😑

Media controlling the people is nothing new. Back when i was young, here in the Tampa Bay area we had 4 local TV stations. There was ABC, CBS, NBC, and UHF band was independent WSUN. Not counting radio. The networks pretty much reported news the government wanted to feed the people. A coordinated effort to brainwash the people is ongoing today, and is what we’re witnessing!

aoc greennewdeal reminder to joe biden

Meanwhile AOC was reminding Joe Biden that she and the squad helped him get elected. Her words were, the people have spoken and it’s time to get started on her #GreenNewDeal.

I understand that the people want higher wages. But with so many people working from home these days, there’s also talk of a work from home tax (WFH) to allow the government to profit from this group of workers. Or as Democrats say, more regulation and taxes cures everything! πŸ˜₯

Rudy Giuliani msm attack

Oh well.. Welcome to the world of Socialism, big government, more regulation, higher taxes, and poverty when the money runs out like in Venezuela. That’s what the voters wanted, right?? πŸ™„

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