Best WordPress SEO Plugin By Yoast

Just a quick plug for Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

I have tried many SEO Plugins for WordPress but Yoast WordPress SEO is without a doubt the best!

It’s important if you want to rank well in search indexes. Having the proper meta tags and especially open graph meta for social sharing. Yoast SEO does a fantastic job of managing your Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter meta. It even supports twitter cards.

If your using another SEO plugin simply deactivate it and install yoast seo from your blogs add new plugin menu. Just search for WordPress SEO by Yoast. Click to install and activate plugin. Be sure you have deactivated whatever seo plugin you are presently using first.

Next navigate to your lower sidebar where the seo setting are. Mouse down and select the import menu. Import the settings from your previous seo plugin into yoast.

Here is great advice how to configure Yoast SEO. Moz Blog posted this top notch article with pictorials how to best set up your WordPress website for success.

“A note on following and noindexing tags. I have searched this topic numerous times and always come up with conflicting advice. One of my blogs is a big automotive critic site that has never really ranked well. After thoroughly reading Moz article i decided to noindex it’s tags pages.”

Below is a current screen shot of my Webmaster Tools search queries page showing a dramatic increase. Bear in mind this site has been up since 2007 and has a huge amount of tags.
Google webmaster tools search queries
Google webmaster tools search queries showing a huge increase after no-indexing tag pages

Another quick tip. Check who is linking to your site in Google Webmaster Tools and disavow any seedy sites leaching your articles rank .

For what it’s worth. I was previously using All In One SEO Pack Pro and paid a pretty price for it. Numerous errors were noticed after several updates were rolled out prompting a support request ticket. On one error i was told it was my site causing the error. I switched to Yoast and have been a happy camper ever since. 😉

Have questions leave a comment below 😉

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