Facebook Tries Intimidation Requires Drivers License

Merry Christmas Everyone ? I’m up with the chickens blogging on this Christmas morning. Last night while lying in bed chatting with a friend on messenger. Tapping the Facebook icon on my iPhone, I was served up an ID Verification request for my FidoSysop politics page that supports President Trump. Feeling intimidated I complied by grabbing my wallet and held my drivers license, Facebook took the photo. Feeling pissed-off about Zuck’s intimidation, the pages were screenshot!

This site was going offline at the end of 2020. Just this WordPress Blog alone has 661 posts and 941 tag archives. Doc’s FidoSysop news vlog has amassed 1989 auto imported, mostly political media.docsplace.org And Doc’s self hosted video server has 240 controversial videos that already have, or would be censored on YouTube, archived for preservation. I like this video of Melania Trump . Then there is the sites phpBB forums that never took off. With all the censorship on social media today I thought the censor free forums would gain traction. Nope just attracted hoards of spam bots!

Facebook has censored me numerous times in the past. Once someone (I’m assuming fb) flagged this domain as dangerous. Every indexed page was Removed from Bing search. Then there was the time i called Obama a monkey in a comment, that bought me a 24 hour posting ban. This blog is my opinion. Guess it needs to stay online. It’s very well backed up and snapshoted, and would be easy to register another domain, and restore this site to it. Ouch that would really sting going in! 😎

Facebook Intimidation Tacit requests drivers license photo

This is nothing more than big-tech Facebook intimidation tactics! Mark Zuckerberg knows damn well exactly who i am. What IP address i post from. The host that www.docsplace.org leases it’s server from. And www.docsplace.org domain is Facebook verified through FB business admin.

Facebook requires pro-Trump bloggers drivers license photo

It should be noted that FB considers any static page a business, that I am not. In fact I am a legally disabled American retiree, who blogs as a hobby. I’ve had the page in question since 2014 which was originally Fidonet Network information page. When Donald Trump announced his presidential run, my page was renamed and became a Trump support page, which gained many followers!

Facebook tactics taking aim at Donald Trump supporters

The fact is Facebook hates the good Internet Doctor because I blog the TRUTH about president Donald J. Trump. Every article on this blog (all 660 of them) are factual with linked credible sources backing up the facts. The old saying, nothing hurts worse than the truth, rings true in this situation!

Facebook stoking fear into Donald Trump Supporters

This is nothing but big-tech Facebook Intimidation tactics terrorizing Donald Trump supporters. America is the country i was born in. America is the great country I Love. And i prefer to keep America Great, not turn it into a socialist wasteland like Venezuela!

This may have something to do with Dominion Voting Systems intimidation tactics targeting conservative media. Dominion, one of two companies that have been accused by President Donald Trump and his lawyers of stealing the election in favor of Joe Biden, have put several Fox News and other right-wing media outlets on notice that defamation lawsuits are coming.

Meanwhile it was just announced on Fox & Friends, that Roger Stone is filing a $25M lawsuit against the department of justice . Maybe the chickens are finally beginning to come home to roost. The incoming Biden / Harris administration will be like a Barack Obama 3rd term on Steroids! ?

I'm a Florida-born good ole southern boy hanging out online keeping up with tech. Being a TV technician from the early 70s I felt right at home when the net was released to the public. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as a hobbyist. If you find this article's information helpful please comment and share wherever possible!

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December 25, 2020 10:16 AM

Merry Christmas, Doc!

December 25, 2020 10:40 AM
Reply to  bluenova1971

Thanks John, hope you’re having an enjoyable Christmas ?