Parler Free Speech Social Media Network Under Big Tech Attack

Update 01/11/22: Overnight Apple CEO Tim Cook removed Parler’s IOS App. Also Amazon Web Services (AWS) removed Parler’s web hosting account from it’s servers. AWS is owned by CEO Jeff Bezos. This is without a doubt gang mentality by silicone valley’s big tech partners. It’s also possibly a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO ) violation. But with Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration that law probably will not by prosecuted.

Listen to what Dan Bongino has to say about this big tech tyranny!

News is spreading this morning how Parler FREE SPEECH Network is under Communist like attack by big tech! Google has removed Parler’s Android App from their play store. Apple CEO Tim Cook is threatening to remove their IOS Parler App too. Friends in my personal opinion, this is Communism in America, and the going will get tougher as we move forward. Make your apps available from your public webpage. Include instructions to sideload apps as well.

As the old saying goes. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! ?
Video by Doc the old FidoSysop about Parler under attack by big tech. How to make apps available outside of Google and Apple. And why using CloudFlare CDN caching and firewall will improve Site Accessibility!

My video reaching out to Parler offering webmaster advice was taken down by Vimeo for inciting violence. This was a paid Vimeo pro account I’ve had since 2013. They deleted my whole channel and well over 200 videos archived there for many years. Blog Post URL.

Vimeo Partner With Big Tech Silencing Conservatives.

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