Will The Stock Market Crash After Joe Biden’s Inauguration On 01/20/2021

A Stock Market Crash is a strong possibility when Joe Biden is inaugurated. With all the liberal hatred that’s being spammed by the media, anything’s possible. Nasty Nancy Pelosi and her gang of thugs in the house, pursuing a second Impeachment of president Donald Trump with no evidence or due process is giving American’s a sneak peak at the Biden Administration in coming years.

During last nights Hannity show. Mark Levin who is very much in the know had this to say!

Mark Levin blasted Nasty Nancy Pelosi and her fellow comrades exposing the lies and falsehoods in their second impeachment of president Donald Trump. Who were those people in the crowd wearing Gas Masks and pulling Hammers from their backpacks? Mark explains why the National Guard was NOT called in to protect Capital Hill!

Yes i believe the stock market crash is inevitable. We have big tech suppressing conservatives and Trump supporters. On Twitter appropriately nicknamed Twatter, CEO Jack Dorsey is suspending peoples accounts in an attempt to stop them from talking about the ‘alleged’ Election Fraud.

On Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not as bad as Twatter but is the absolute king of ShadowBan technology. In fact Zuckerberg owns the patent to this technology. Shadowbanning, Ghostbanning, Stealthbanning, operates by accepting a post but hiding it from everyone but the poster.

Big tech is desperately trying to prevent discussions about the 2020 presidential election. Personally i still believe the Democrats and their media partners cheated. We already know that Google shifted their algorithm to bury positive Trump related keywords and key phrases. Google then rated all the negative keywords and key phrases to rank on the first few pages in their indexes. That my friends is Election Manipulation. As word spreads American’s are getting angry!

YouTube is deleting anyone’s videos that dare question the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidential election win. News videos from One American News Network (OANN) and NewsMax are being deleted by YouTube daily. Even a narrated screen video I produced a year ago was deleted.

staoc market crash

Big tech is colluding with each other to keep us quiet. Recently i produced a video targeting the Parler development team with some technical advice. At this time I had a Vimeo Pro account iv’e had since 2013. My Vimeo account had an old archive of around 200 videos from a project many years ago. I uploaded the Parler tech advice video to Vimeo who within a few hours deleted it. They at the same time deleted my whole account, everything gone, and will not reinstate the account!

vimeo act stock market crash

I had paid my Vimeo pro account annual renewal about 60 days ago. The archive i had stored in my account wasn’t anything special. But was mostly used for storage and got a few views monthly. The email is what i like to refer to as a canned response. A form letter readily available to a Vimeo support rep. Regardless that it says, Please refrain from posting content of this nature moving forwards. Any additional violations to these policies may result in account termination. On the first strike they suspended the act and will no longer respond to my emails. They can shove it up their Proudly made in NYC butts. I filed a chargeback on my renewal two months ago!

My video reaching out to Parler offering webmaster advice was taken down by Vimeo for inciting violence. They deleted my whole account on the first strike ever since 2013 with over 200 videos archived there for preservation!

With shenanigans like this going on a stock market crash is inevitable. American’s have been conditioned to use social media to communicate. But in 2021 Conservatives and Trump supporters are being silenced by Facebook and Twitter. Those silenced people flocked to Parler, the true no censorship social media network. Then it happened Google pulled Parler’s android app. The next day Apple CEO Steve Cook followed Google and deleted Parler’s iOs app. Shortly afterword Jeff Bezos, Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO delivered Parler’s death sentence by cutting off their web hosting account. So far Parler has not found another web host with the capacity needed hat will host the site. The word is out anyone that hosts Parler will face repercussions.

This is a coordinated effort by big tech who is colluding together to cripple their competition. It looks like a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, (RICO) violation to me, but a Democrat run FBI and DOJ will not prosecute one of their own. It’s squashing the competition and at the same time attempting to force those who went to Parler back to Facebook and Twitter!

For what it’s worth www.docsplace.org has phpBB 3.2 forums setup. I thought it was a good idea last year with all the political bias censorship ongoing. Have a look around while your here.

Before signing off, It’s my personal opinion that big tech is making a big mistake silencing the people. Donald Trump brought America back from the brink of disaster. I’ve lived long enough to see what a GREAT Country America was as a child. It literally went to SHIT over the years.

Bill Clinton’s NAFTA was the worst thing to hit America. Donald Trump brought manufacturing and much needed jobs back to America. Our economy was soaring like an Eagle until the Chinese CoronaVirus and forced county shutdown put a hurting on America. I believe in my gut that Democrats Cheated and stole the election from Donald Trump. With the big tech rebellion ongoing America could see another civil war soon. Something big might happen on Inauguration day. Even before that President Trump should order the Insurrection Act to Restore Election Integrity!

I'm an old Florida Cracker born in St Pete during the early 50s. My computer is my tech school. I'm hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with it all. I'm also a Trump supporter who is saddened of what my country has became. Only MAGA can clean up the Biden stench that has made our homeland the laughingstock of the world 😡

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  1. Gino

    Biden will go down in history as that guy! the guy who stole an election . We will never forget

    1. Doc

      I agree completely. America ?? can not withstand four years of Biden / Harris! ???

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