Parler Doomed By Amazon AWS Proprietary Code

Parler Doomed itself using Amazon AWS servers with proprietary code. So from what I’ve learned today even with a full site backup, leasing a server elsewhere would not work. Meanwhile conservatives and Trump supporters are flocking to from Twitter, and Facebook!

When Jeff Bezos ordered Parler’s servers switched off they were out of business. It’s quite technical but Rob Colbert a system administrator from GAB explains it really well.

Parler Doomed By AWS Proprietary Code Explained By GAB CPO Rob Colbert

Building a website as large as Parler using AWS proprietary code is building future failure into the site because the only servers the site can run on is Amazon. I feel sorry for Investors like Dan Bongino who poured who knows how much money into Parler.

It’s said Parler is back up using Russian servers. However many system admins such as myself running under CloudFlare block Russia as a country. Plus a few other countries known to host problem servers running spam bots and whatever. It’s appears John Maze has no clue. 😥

I’ve been following Parler since it was initially released and never could understand why they were pushing all the site content out of a single AWS node in Seattle. Guess AWS explains it all. The new kid on the block was Parler doomed from the start. Go check out GAB while you’re here!

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