Donald Trump Is BACK ~ But Not On Facebook or Twitter

Our fearless leader Donald Trump is back online sharing his words of wisdom, and criticizing RINOS and Democrats! Trump has added a blog to and it’s got a few messages so far. Gotta ❤ our fearless leader’s comeback. Democrats will soon be crying in their beer! 😎

Donald Trump IS BACK
Donald Trump’s newly launched blog

Our fearless leader also has another domain that’s not fully developed yet. I’ve got no clue what his plans are for this domain but I’m betting knowing Donald Trump it’ll be great!

Donald J. Trump launched the most extraordinary political movement in history, dethroning political dynasties, defeating the Washington Establishment, and becoming the first true outsider elected as President of the United States.  His inspiring, groundbreaking campaign proved pollsters, pundits, prognosticators, and the corporate media spectacularly wrong.  He mobilized voters with massive rallies, reached America’s hearts and minds with his vision for national rejuvenation, and overcame virtually every entrenched power structure—political and financial—and achieved a decisive victory, winning states no Republican presidential candidate had won in decades.

This Is Why America Elected Donald J Trump President!

The news rapidly spread this morning that the Facebook board voted to keep our fearless leaders’ accounts shut down. China Joe and his cohorts control social media as a whole. But folks are talking about the monistic power social media has on people. It’s just like Democrats controlled Television and Radio in the old days. Now their stronghold on the media must be stopped.

The American people are not going to put up with Joe Biden turning our beloved country into a socialist hellhole much longer. I was born in St. Petersburg Florida in 1952. Over the years I’ve seen my country go to shit, but Donald Trump brought it back from the brink of Democrat destruction.

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I’ve reached out and contacted our fearless leader but have never heard anything back. But that’s okay, I know he is busy with business and has a family. I’m just an old Florida Cracker with a big mouth and a web server, praising my president. I love my country and freely express my opinion on this website. Google buries my articles in their index, but will never kill my American spirit! 😉

I'm a Florida-born good ole southern boy hanging out online keeping up with tech. Being a TV technician from the early 70s I felt right at home when the net was released to the public. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as a hobbyist. If you find this article's information helpful please comment and share wherever possible!

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