Stimulus Checks Sent To Japanese Citizens

Joe Biden Sent Out $1,400 Stimulus Checks to Roughly 150,000 Japanese Citizens. The Japanese citizens used to stay in the US and worked temporarily with a business visa and returned to Japan a long time ago. So the big question is, what other countries received U.S. stimulus funding?

1,400 stimulus checks sent to Japan
Going Viral in Japan ~ Joe Biden sends stimulus checks to Japanese citizens .

This benefit was sent incorrectly to those who are subject to more than a certain annual income. Mr. Ichikawa, a representative of Overseas Pension Consultation Center, “Most of those who live in Japan and receive American pensions are not eligible. They are not US citizens, do not hold a visa for America, and are not Green Card holders.”Ichikawa added, “You need to return any stimulus checks received that you do not qualify for, to the US tax authority called IRS immediately.” 🙄

Mr. Ichikawa also stated, “There are about 70,000 people who have been stationed in the United States and, as a result, have returned to Japan to receive an American pension, including their spouses. Somehow the stimulus checks have been delivered all at once to those whose pension amount is below a certain level.”How insane is that!

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