1962 VW Bus Owned By Mike of American Pickers Auction

Mike Wolfe is auctioning his 1962 Volkswagen Dual Side Door Microbus on eBay Motors. Bidding is up to $30K as of this post with 2d 22hrs to go. Seems like a lot of money to me, but others on the site are in a similar price range.

1962 Volkswagen Vanagon
Mike Wolfe star of the American Pickers TV show has his 1962 Volkswagen double side door Bus up for auction on eBay

It needs restoration but the basics are in good condition, especially the floor pans. Here is the item number 132865784088 if anyone wants to check it out. He has a slew of photos of the Vanagon / microbus on the listing. The market must have skyrocketed on these VWs.

I remember buying a Westfalia pop-up camper at a dealer’s auction about 20 years ago in decent condition for $1800. Wished I still had it! 😎

As I always say. Never take a seller’s word about the condition of a vehicle, always have it inspected. Though Mike here is a good dude that shoots straight from the hip.

Have to sit back and watch this buggy. Any guesses about what it will bring?

Update 12/03/18: This 1962 VW Bus auction ended at $35,100. Sounds like a ton of money to me, especially since it needs restoration. The bid history is interesting too, hopefully, Mike gets paid. FYI bids on vehicles and real estate are non-binding.

Update 12/09/18: Mike Wolfe’s VW Bus was relisted yesterday. Current bidding as of this update is $12,499 with 4 bids placed. Here is item number 13288206720 . This guy back in 2005 sued his deadbeat bidders and garnished their government paychecks. 😆

From the relisted auction: Mike’s Panel has been relisted due to the winning bidder not paying. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Bidders with no feedback and low seller ratings have been blocked. If you don’t intend to pay DON’T BID!

13288206720 Relisted Similar Item
Since when is a relisted automobile similar to the same VW bus that ended to a deadbeat bidder? Only on the motors venue.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched an eBay item . But they no longer say this item has been relisted, but show something similar instead. I’m trying to be on my best behavior, BUT, eBay’s till just went Ka-ching $125 FVF! Feeling lucky? Roll the dice again! 😆

Update 12/16/18: Looks like having bidder restrictions in place doomed this motor’s listing. Mikes Vanagon brought only $19,000 during its second run.

American Pickers 1962 VW Bus
132882067200 brings $19,000 on 2nd listing with reserve not met.

This high-profile listing failure is an embarrassment for eBay Inc. It’s 1st listing proudly displaying its SOLD tag just adds to motors falsely inflated total successful sales. It’s successful for the house cash register going ka-ching, but otherwise, it’s a bust.

Though not as high profile as John Schneider’s Dukes Of Hazzard General Lee Auction that brought a whopping $9.9 MILLION to a sport bidder. Its relisting also failed miserably not coming close to the reserve. Whatever happened to eBay’s golden days? 🙁

General Lee Auction Spins Out
John Schneider general lee auction relisted after 9.9 MILLION Deadbeat Bidder
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