GOP Governors Share Covid Reopening Success Stories

Sean Hannity held this town square event on 05/26/21 Interviewing Republican Governors about their Covid-19 Success Stories. That’s correct, success stories while most Democrat governed states failed miserably. Florida’s Ron DeSantis who protected our elderly and pushed for early vaccination in Publix supermarkets, among other locations was the star of Hannity’s town square!

Several Republican governors joined “Hannity” for an exclusive town hall on Wednesday night to discuss face-to-face how exactly their leadership brought their states safely to the other side of a global crisis. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem recalled never closing a single business during the pandemic while the rest of the nation’s small businesses went under in tragic numbers. “We didn’t even define what an essential business was,” she said. “Because according to the oath I took to the South Dakota Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, I didn’t believe I had the authority to tell anybody that their business wasn’t essential.” Further details are here in this report.

This whole Covid-19 situation is, in my personal opinion, a big scheme to destroy America’s roaring Trump Economy. Donald Trump was sticking it to China big time, as America’s economy came back from near destruction. They had to kill our economy and make sure Donald Trump did not become president for a second term. There’s a good chance Democrats cooked a deal up with China to put the wheels in motion. The world health organization (WHO) was feeding the Trump admin false information, as they covered China’s ASS. I have no doubt the cat will escape from the bag soon. But this is only my opinion, and nobody cares what my opinion is, or my thoughts are! 😥

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