Facebook Censors Comment About Trump Fireworks

Got another notification from Facebook that one of my comments was shadowbanned for spam. The comment that was posted back in 2019 was a link to my blog post about Donald Trump’s Fireworks shows that year. Yet Facebook hid it because they considered it to be spam.

That blog post and embedded video are here. Also worth mentioning is, that post was authored under my docsplace.org domain that now wildcard redirects to doccyber.org. The old domain was registered back in 1998 as web access to my Fidonet Bulletin Board System (BBS). The docsplace domain has had a lot of content over the years so I decided to start with a fresh never registered domain doccyber.org. Google had buried most of that site’s pro-trump content. And they’ve done the same to doccyber.org. Big tech surely does not want anyone seeing what’s archived here! 😥

Since when does my blog post about Donald’s 4th of July fireworks show violate policy? It smacks of desperation trying in vain to hide anything positive about Potus-45 on the site!

Facebook trump fireworks is spam

Update 06/09/21: Facebook must have a stiff one for the good Internet Doctor. Last night I was hit with another violation. The below screenshot is a comment I put on one of my articles in 2012.

Facebook comment incorrectly tagged as spam

It should be noted I own the fidosysop.org domain but it’s been several years since it was active. Also as I’ve repeatedly said, big-tech covers each other’s butts. This blog post is not indexed in either Bing or DuckDuckGo search, despite being submitted for inclusion. Surprisingly It is Indexed into Google search. But takes a site command (site:domain.com) to find! 🙁

Article Sources: Facebook, Project Veritas Action, and Rumble. All rights reserved.

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