Never Accept PayPal Payment For Motor Vehicles

After taking a drive over to eBay’s selling forum, a poster claimed he sold his car on eBay Motors, and accepted PayPal for payment that was reversed. It’s a tough loss because PayPal does not cover motor vehicles. He took an initial PP $1,000 deposit, and “friends and family” sent him the balance, also by PayPal. 😥

PayPal Reversal Used Car
Never accept PayPal for a used car or other motor vehicle. This car seller lost his automobile and money when PayPal reversed the transaction.

The topic so far has 22 replies with some misinformation. The car is not stolen because the seller accepted electronic payment (PayPal.) This turns the transaction into a civil matter where the seller must file suit to recover his loss. Even if he receives a judgement by the court, it may impossible to collect if the defendant has nothing to attach.

Personally saying, never accept any form of electronic payment for motor vehicles. The only safe payment for a used car is bank-to-bank wire transfer, which is an accepted payment for eBay Motors vehicles. Anything other is unsafe for the seller.

This lady lost an $8,500 boat AND her money to PayPal funded transaction. Her buyer finagled a chargeback with a credit card used to fund the PayPal transaction afterword.

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