Google’s YouTube Sucks – Better FREE Alternative Rumble IS Great!

Last week Communist-owned Google’s YouTube took down two Donald Trump Speech Videos from the Right Side Broadcasting’s YouTube channel. Not only did the commie bastard takedown RSBnetworks Trump videos, but they also suspended this fine patriot-operated group’s ability to live stream events for seven days. This smacks of desperation coming from Google, meaning RSBNetwork would not be able to Livestream Donald Trump’s Sarasota Rally, a few days later. But, refusing to be intimidated, rsbnetwork went to Rumble who streamed Donald Trump’s Rally! 😉

Former President Donald J. Trump presents his Save America Rally streamed live from Sartasota FL.

Do you have a Roku Streamer? If not there under $30 on Amazon . Go to and register your account. Go to the Roku channel store and search for the Rumble app. Click or tap to install it on your device. I recommend registering your Rumble account. Then subscribe to @RSBNetwork to view it easily on your television in full HD. It should be noted that most of those that Google suspended from YouTube are now on Rumble. Search and subscribe to other censored Patriots! Also, Donald J. Trump has his own Verified channel on . Google is destroying its own brand name with its hatred of Donald Trump! We can do without any service from Google!

Google is the self-proclaimed Internet Gatekeeper, along with Facebook and Twitter. Toss in Apple Computer INC, who along with Google controls the smartphone app market. If you support Donald Trump they de-platform your apps, which is critical in social media today, like InfoWars, Gab, Parler, and Politichatter, found out. But the exiled social sites are mobile-compatible so an app is not needed. I use Gab with my iPhone and Safari browser. But Parler just can’t get its crap together! 🙁

alex jones booted social media
In this cartoon by Ben Garrison, Alex Jones was exiled by big tech and booted from their social media island.

And they all hate the good Internet Doctor with a passion. Between being a vocal Donald Trump supporter, and another automotive blog I once ran that exposed Internet vehicle sales fraud, Google has me buried in their index, and Bing is not much better. FYI, there are only two major search engines to choose from. It’s either Google or Bing. Many independent search engines contract with one of the above giants. DuckDuckGo feeds from Bing. So if you are not indexed by Bing, you’ll not be in DuckDuckGo either. Searchers are fed what they want us to see! Talk about a Monopoly! 😡

I had shut this website down for a few days, considering the lack of views it was getting. Just this blog alone has close to 800 posts dating back to 2013. It hosts a large assortment of Donald Trump MAGA Rallies. A news vlog server with around 13,000 videos of interest to Republicans, Conservatives, and Trump supporters. My own private cloud video hosting server containing many videos censored by YouTube and Vimeo . And two forums. There is a public phpBB forum , and my SimplePress forum . Considering I lease the server this domain and another runs on, and the total cost is around $60 per month, including a CloudFlare pro-account, I decided to keep it online! 😉

Don’t Let Them extinguish The Flame Of Liberty! It’s time to push back. Let’s call “cancel culture” what it really is, communism.

Our country is going down as fast as the Titanic under Democrat leadership. Between the actions of senile Joe Biden, and his admin killing the Keystone Pipeline, Biden’s Immagartion CRISIS, and all the other crap that’s going down. Critical Race Theory being rammed into our children’s minds, by Government Schools. Mainstream media (MSM) stirring up trouble agitating minorities by blaming our country’s racial and other problems on White Supremacy. We’re all God’s children, just trying to get by, living our lives, and raising our children. Leave us all out of your sickening narrative! 🙏

I was born in St. Petersburg Florida in 1952. Grew up in the downtown area and remember Webb’s City and the original Million Dollar Pier. As a teenager, I learned how to repair television sets and radios. I also learned how to repair cars as a teenager, and was the youngest FL state licensed used car dealer in 1972. I’ve watched Detroit pump out the finest cars in the world. By the ’90s those finest cars were turning into scrap heaps. No wonder American’s bought Toyota’s and Honda’s.

Donald Trump kept his word and did indeed Make America Great Again. He shocked the world when he won the 2016 election. From the day he first walked down the elevator with his lovely wife Melania, he was attacked. It’s my personal opinion that Covid-19 was a bioweapon conceived in the Wuhan laboratory. We know the not-so-good Dr. Anthony Fauci was involved with the development of the CoronaVirus, and US funds were diverted to pay for its China development.

NBC News Leater Holt Fearmongring Covid-19 Delta Variant with Dr. Anthony Fauci. I doubt Holts audience has any clue how deeply involved with Covid-19 develpment, Fauci really is. It’s Their OPINION Not NEWS!

What are the chances Democrats conspired with China to release this bioweapon to kill America’s roaring Trump Economy? Let’s face it China’s profits were in the toilet after Donald Trump made America Great Again. I believe in the coming months we will see the covid cat clawing its way out of the bag. This post is just my thoughts and some rambling along. I’ve learned a lot in my soon-to-be 70 years on God’s good earth, and plan on living to be a hundred minimum.

With ongoing big-tech political bias censorship, it’ll be a miracle if any human being sees this blog post or anything else on But I really don’t give a rat’s ass either way. America is my Country. I like America just how it was, back in my younger years, and applaud the good Donald Trump did while in office. Socialism and Communism are not welcome in my America! 😥

Article Sources, Right Side Broadcasting Network, Ben Garrison Cartoons, Rumble Inc, and Twitter.

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