Ransomware Attack Targets Kaseya Software – 200 Businesses Effected

Ransomware Targets U.S. Company Kaseya Software. The attack involves a Kaseya product called VSA , which among other things lets small and medium-size businesses remotely monitor their computer systems and automatically take care of routine server maintenance and security updates. The sad part: Joe Biden’s response, It appears to have caused Minimal Damage to the U.S. Was Kaseya one of the companies Biden told Vladimir Putin was off-limits to cyberattacks?

From Cnet : Fewer than 40 customers were directly hit by the cyberattack, Voccola told The New York Times , but some of those companies are managed service providers that supply IT tools to hundreds of businesses. The Times said one of Sweden’s largest grocery chains, Coop, had to close at least 800 of its stores due to the attack. ‘Is Hunter Biden getting his cut of Russia’s action?‘ 🙄

Some of the victims received demands for $5 million in ransom, the Times reported.

“We have been advised by our outside experts, that customers who experienced ransomware and receive communication from the attackers should not click on any links — they may be weaponized,” Kaseya said Saturday in an alert sent out to its worldwide clients. Never Click On Attachments!

From my experience as a professional hobbyist webmaster. Ransomware attacks targeting companies like Kaseya, target the database of the systems. It seems to me most folks ignore keeping their systems backed up until there hacked. By then it’s too late to recover the system.

For instance. This website runs under WHM/cPanel. Every time I blog an article, a full cPanel Backup is performed and downloaded to a local disk for safe keeping. My host provides a snapshot feature where daily backups are performed. In the event this system was hacked, I can spin up another instance using a snapshot and be back online within an hour. Cover your ASS Folks! 😉

Another tidbit for those of you running Windows 10. On my system, its internal backup and snapshot feature quit working on a recent W10 update. Considering the default backup was from Windows 7, on recent system upgrades it was probably made obsolete. The solution I found to work the best is Acronis True Image . This solution snapshots your whole system to a portable USB hard drive or another disk. Acronis makes it easy to boot from its recovery mode by pressing F11 on bootup, where a partial or full restore can be accomplished. It’s really quite simple, In these digital times, nothing works better than covering your ass. Don’t click on attachments, and back up! 🙂

Article Sources: Fox News, and C/Net Tech.

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