Why Are eBay Stores Redirecting To Home Page

When browsing a webpage on my smartphone then clicking a link to view a sellers eBay store i was redirected to the home page. I’m wondering why this happened? The same link clicked on a desktop pc went to the store like it should. Are eBay stores not mobile friendly like the feedback profiles i blogged about?

Smartphone eCommerce
Having a website / store that is totally mobile compatible is a priority doing business today

Why does ebay.com have so many site errors? Just like these two subdomains were left unlinked. It’s bad enough to leave oodles of backlinks ignored that when clicked return site dns errors. What are they thinking? It’s beginning webmaster 101 stuff.

Back to the alleged unfriendly eBay stores. Why store links redirect to the sites home page is a mystery. Could it indeed be because the stores are indeed not mobile friendly? There is no logical reason to send a shopper back to the home page where there is a big “What are you looking for today” message. Maybe it’s just yet another glitch 🙄

The store in question belongs to eBay fanboy and alleged corporate cyberbully and stalker HubcapJoes . Here’s a video showing the redirect on my Google pixel 3 smartphone.

eBay code is living in the dark ages. I see they are still using the antiquated eBayISAPI.dll when viewing sellers feedback . That’s old tech from Meg Whitman’s CEO days.

Mobile FIRST is a priority in today’s business world. Amazon is quick to shop and easily BUY from their smartphone app two taps and it’s done. Amazon is so sweet. Jeff Bezos put his earnings back into the company – unlike eBay execs pocketing stock options! 😉

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