Facebook Act Restricted Over Nancy Pelosi Wearing Nazi Uniform Meme

My FidoSysop Page is restricted for 30 days over a photo I shared on 04/20 of Nasty Nancy Pelosi wearing a WW2 Nazi Uniform. I thought it was funny but apparantly the most hated speaker of the house was not impressed. It’s just another example of big-tech censoring those on the right! 😆

nasty nancy pelosi in nazi uniform

So this photo/meme has been up since 04/2020 and made the rounds being shared by thousands. It ammased 379,628 people in a years time. I thought it was funny back then and still do today. If this portrayed Donald Trump wearing the same uniform, It would still be passing around Facebook.

facebook meme shared 400,000 times of Nancy Pelosi wearing a WW2 Nazi Uniform

More evidence of big-tech censorship. Donald Trump has announced class-action lawsuits against tech giants Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube parent company Google, over their “unlawful” censorship of him and other conservatives. It’s a long time coming and way past due!

Facebook censorship against Trump supporter documentation.

Oh well just another day in the life of a Trump supporter. I’ve also been put on Facebook’s list of ‘dangerous people and orginizations. Here is a collection of Nasty Nancy Pelosi, blog posts! 😆

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